Why Is There No (Secular) Jewish Education?

Why is there no (secular or non-traditional) Jewish education in Israel? Avraham Gal writes:

Logic would dictate that the main bulk of funding for Jewish education should be directed towards that part of the public in which such education is both lacking and sorely needed – the secular public. This basic logic would hold, of course, if the goal of the education system really was to provide Jewish education.

In practice, however, a different logic rules the religious world. The budget for Jewish education – nearly NIS 130 million (USD 29 million) per year – has for years been divided thus: 70-80 percent goes to ultra-Orthodox institutions, 20 percent to national-religious schools, and just two percent – two percent! – is slated for other educational frameworks. It’s a breakdown has continued for nearly 50 years – why are we so surprised that Jewish culture becomes little more than a blurry memory from year-to-year?

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