Corruption Unfolds In Crown Heights

The notorious fighting and corruption charges that have for years swirled around the Crown Heights Beis Din and the community’s organization have taken on new significance with the new elections for beis din members. In the middle of this imbroglio is Rabbi Moshe Rubashkin (please see extensive sidebar links on the left side of this page), the convicted felon who was elected head of the Community Council upon his release from the Federal Penal System. And, not surprisingly, corruption allegations are now being made against Rubashkin.

Some will lament the situation and allege the behavior of these individuals is not in keeping with what the Rebbe would have wanted, and that may very well be true. But most of these people rose to power under the Rebbe’s tutelage, and their behavior was not much different then. In particular, the Rubashkin family – while certainly generous to a fault – has been involved in questionable business practices for many years. (Again, please see the sidebar links on the left side of this page.) And, of course, let us not forget Shneur Zalmen "Jimmy" Gourarie and family, also convicted felons who held positions of prominence during the time of the Rebbe.

The point is, I think, as follows: The Rebbe, for whatever reasons, chose to remain close to convicted felons. He did not distance himself or his organizations from them. Whether intended or not, the example the Rebbe set has fostered more corruption.

[Hat tip: Steven I. Weiss.]



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5 responses to “Corruption Unfolds In Crown Heights

  1. stop hacking a tchaynik

    you just spout from the other side of you…it’s not funny…have you asked around the people in CH what they think about it? “corruption allegations” by detractors of a person is enough for scottie to spout from his behind…

    stop hacking…there was no “corruption” in these elections: there were those who tried to stifle it and there those who voted despite the intimidations and harassing…

  2. Anonymous

    It looks like mainstream Chabad supported the election and supports the new Rabonim? some guy put up letter of Rabonim about the election

  3. jimmy g

    >> let us not forget Shneur Zalmen “Jimmy” Gourarie

    The Rebbe removed him from Aguch when he was convicted.

  4. But well after the Rebbe knew he was guilty. And the Rebbe still remained very close to Jimmy and his family, even after the “removal.”

    Do you have an example of the Rebbe speaking out against Jimmy’s crimes?

    Nope. You do not.

  5. The web site has now announced that they have filed a lawsuit against the Lubavitch Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council for a variety of Fraud charges including election fraud.

    They are also charging the Election Services Corporation, an independent company hired to oversea the elections, with conducting the allegedly fraudulent election.

    Here are some links to the Court Documents filed yesterday:

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