Rabbi Solomon Dwek In $50 Million Bank Fraud

Rabbi Solomon Dwek, a scion of the Syrian Sefardic community of Deal, New Jersey, is being charged with a $50 million bank fraud. In essence, what Dwek did is an elaborate check kiting scheme that went bad fast.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger reports:

[Rabbi Solomon] Dwek appeared in court with his feet shackled and his hands cuffed behind his back. Federal marshals made him remove his belt after his arrest. As he stood before Falk, he tugged clumsily at his pants to keep them from falling down.

Dwek’s father is Rabbi Isaac Dwek, a leader in the Sephardic Jewish community and the head of the Synagogue of Deal. His father and other family members were in court with him.

Dwek himself has been the vice president and chief executive of a Jewish school, the Deal Yeshiva. He is a prolific contributor to political candidates and committees. In Federal Election Commission records from the past six years, he lists himself alternately as a rabbi, a school administrator, an investor and the head of a real estate company called Dwek Properties LLC.

He owns more than 200 properties in central New Jersey, Himmel said in court.



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18 responses to “Rabbi Solomon Dwek In $50 Million Bank Fraud

  1. Isa

    A picture is worth a thousand words

  2. DwekDreck

    Get your head out of the mikveh for once, Scottie boy. What do you gain from this crap? You have achieved nothing in life and you will be forgotten when you peyger. Even Dwek will redeem himself just as Rubashkin (a man who was sentenced to felony time on a misdemeanor rap) has, but you will end up tiff, tiff in der erd.

  3. der kugelager

    to the dreck man above
    exposing those creeps from within the community, is pure qidush hashem.
    covering up for them , is nothing but chillul hashem.
    a big yasher koyech to shmarya.
    as to those complaining, sheim reshoeem yirqov!

  4. DwekDreck

    What’s to expose? The newspapers already exposed him. Scottie is just copying from newspapers. What a tzaddik. And you should rot, kugelager.

  5. hashfanatic

    These are the apologists, who speak only on behalf of their financial interests. They care nothing for America, the “medina” or even Yiddishkeit for that matter (their hearts are in Russia and such places).

    They think they own the world, much less Crown Heights. They condemn the “affirmative action hires” that do the dirty work in their community, yet cannot manage their way out of a paper bag, in business, personal or any other aspect.

    Pay them no mind.

    They are fools. And if they haven’t amounted to anything worthwhile by this stage of life, trust me, they never will.

    I have known of the ways of such people.

  6. joe

    hey y did solomon pay off HSBC,

  7. Kalk

    Not a failed Messiah, a misunderstood Messiah. If you would have understood the scriptures, you would have seen who He really is. You are loved! Seek the Messiah, He is seeking you!
    G-d Bless!

  8. Deals3

    The stage is set; watch his fortunes crumble!!

  9. Anonymous

    kav zchus ……loshon horah

  10. Anonymous

    We all need to pray for solomon dwek, that he should be freed from this horrible matter and that no more wicked people should do him harm ,as what happened here.
    He is a true Tzadik and bal chesed!!!

  11. Emes

    Solomon is a True tzadik! May hashem bless him with success and health! Very soon the truth will be known that he is truly a Tzadik!!

  12. Unknown

    He should burn in hell.

  13. Barron PA

    I agree, after he serves the next 10-20 years in a federal prison. Does anyone know where I can get a failed messiah T-shirt with this thief’s picture on the back? Please advise.

  14. rachelNJ

    solomon dweck is a low life embarrassment to all jews. He’s an as***e and should pay dearly for what he’s done to the whole community. Anyone who supports him is a greed monger as well.

  15. rachelNJ

    solomon dweck is a low life embarrassment to all jews. He’s an as***e and should pay dearly for what he’s done to the whole community. Anyone who supports him is a greed monger as well.

  16. melindaattheshore

    People think this thief is a Tzadik? Oy, I should plotz from this! Does anyone have any idea what this costing our communities? The man is a Rasha! He wants people to believe he’s a chacham?!!! Oy what a bloody PUTZ and an embarrassment he is. Disgusting.

  17. NoDemonstrations

    Dwek sounds like a kid who was going too far, too fast and he basically created some sort of pyramid scheme. I would not call him a rosho – more like someone who fell victim to his taaves. After he sits, hopefully he will rehabilitate himself.

    His father does much good in the community.

  18. Dwek fan

    Dwek was a great man. I sold him real estate and became a multi millionaire off of him. Thank you Solomon!! I don’t believe that you did this! May your vast amount of chesed stand beside you!.People who slander you never met the Gem of a gem called Solomon Dwek.anyone who would like to talk about it can email me at aaa.abcdefg123@gmail.com

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