Rubashkin Chicken Comes Clean

Good news for Rubashkin – Consumer Reports favors Rubashkin chicken over Empire for cleanliness.



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2 responses to “Rubashkin Chicken Comes Clean

  1. Neo-Conservaguy

    It’s an interesting report that should cause concern, however, it would be more valuable if the details of their protocols (testing methods) were clearly communicated. There are many variables involved starting from the moment someone selects the products from the store showcase. Were the same products from multiple stores across different regions tested? Was there a consistent protocol for packing and shipping the products that would ensure a low temperature for all products? I could go on with more examples, but you can see the point.

    What we really need is for the USDA to perform a more extensive and better controlled version of the CR investigation. Let me guess: don’t hold my breath?

  2. I know chicken..Frank

    This report is from 2003.

    Both Empire and Aarons have changes packaging and processing systems since then.

    Also, as commented above, CR doesn’t give a methodology for their study and doesn’t discuss points of purchase, # of days from slaughter or from expiration date.

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