Bizarre MO Defense Of Harry Potter

In what is perhaps the most bizarre defense of the J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, MO academic Prof. Menachem Kellner and his daughter Rivka argue Harry potter’s fictional witchcraft does not violate the Rambam’s code, because the magic is not “religious.” Bizarre.

[Hat tip: Ben Max.]



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11 responses to “Bizarre MO Defense Of Harry Potter

  1. Yochanan Lavie

    The Harry Potter books are works of fiction! If Hogwarts was a real place, then of course the Rambam would oppose it. But what is wrong with imaginative fiction? Should everything be like the Shaar Press “novels” ? The far-right christians want to ban Harry Potter for its alleged satanic overtones. I think that’s nutty.

    BTW: I would rather study at Hogwarts than at a typical yeshiva.

  2. Nachum

    Rowling, by the way, happens to be a religious Christian who always denies believing in magic.

  3. Neo-Conservaguy

    Every Jewish kid I know in my children’s day school has read every Potter book several times – literally thousands of pages with many of the details committed to memory. If only TaNaKh had been written so well as to inspire this level of reading devotion.

  4. Too many authors and editors spoil the broth, nu?

  5. Yochanan Lavie

    Actually, the Bible (aka Tanach) is a much greater literary masterpiece than Rowling’s opus. See Robert Alter, Harold Bloom, Northrup Frye and other literary critics (and generations of readers). The fact is, the rabbis discourage reading tanach, except in the context of a shiur, with commentaries. Ironically, Christians are far more conversant with it than jews, which I think is a travesty.

    Harry Potter is fun, but it’s not great literature (but it is good). Nothing wrong with that, but speaking purely as a (secular) literary scholar, I cannot let my friend Neo’s statement go unchallenged.

  6. Neo-Conservaguy

    Hey, I think everyone that wrote sections of the Torah over thousands of years did a great job too – whoops, I mean, I think that Ezra did a great job redacting various texts – whoops, I mean… Oh, never mind, I’m in enough trouble already. I think I’ll watch a Potter video and feel guilty for a while.

    (ducking for cover)

  7. Yochanan Lavie

    Neo: When you find out who it is, could you get me an autographed copy? (LOL).

  8. der kugelager

    http: //www.ask article.html?h=424&o= 121752 >

    well, it seems it is not only a bizzare MO thing, it’s even the bizzarer moses in fedora

  9. myrna bradley

    I was reading Exodus 8:16 Aaron struck the dust and it became lice. Does that mean that Aaron and Moses CREATED LIFE? G-D says from dust you came to dust you will return in Gen:3:19b and it (lice) has blood in its body. Please don’t think I’m silly.


  10. Myrna Bradley

    When Moses and Aaron in chapter 8 of Exodus verses 17-19, when He Touch The ground and all the dust became lice-did Moses and Aaron creat life? G-d said in Gen.3v19from dust you came to dust you will return, and lice have blood in them ,like all the other living creatures He created.

    Is there an answer?

  11. Myrna Bradley

    In Exodus c8v19 The Magicians said this is the finger of G-D. That phrase is only mention three times in BIBLE-DAN.c5v2-6 It talks about profaned something HOLY(GOBLETS)SO in Ex.c8v22 G-D makes distinction between people,ED.c9v4 distinction between animals. Three things were blessed at Creation Animals,People and a DAY SABBATH is this a Sabbath-did they profane something HOLY?

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