Satmar Threaten Demonstrations Against Rabbi Shteinman And Gerrer Rebbe

Satmar, Neturei Karta and other extremist elements in the Montreal haredi community have threatened large protests against visiting Israel gedolim, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shteinman and the Gerrer Rebbe. Why? Because Rabbi Shteinman supported the Tal law and the formation of a haredi IDF unit. The two have cancelled their planned visit to Montreal, despite pleas from more moderate haredi factions, who argued that staying away would strengthen the extremists. Protests are said to be planned in Monsey, New York, as well.

[Hat tip: CS and Ben Max.]



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8 responses to “Satmar Threaten Demonstrations Against Rabbi Shteinman And Gerrer Rebbe

  1. Jerome Soller

    In the article, it says that they may still do the Montreal visit on a different day, which I hope they do (to not be intimidated).

    Shmarya, sometimes you paint the Haredi community with a single broad stroke, but this shows their diversity. Anyway, I consider the Neturei Karta self-hating Jews to be the lowest form of scum, and hope that they share the fate (in this life and any afterlife) of their terrorist friends. I guess a biblical analogy was instead of trying to destroy Amalek they are trying to be the “cool” leaders of the Amalek fan club. Had Hitler been alive today, Neturei Karta would have justified the existence of concentration camps. Regardless of politics, Satmar and other groups should think twice before associating themselves with Neturei Karta.

    I am glad that the two rabbis (Shteinman and the Gerrer Rabbi) are talking a responsible position and encouraging others in their communities to do the same. This is a very positive development in the Haredi community.

  2. Ma Rabbi

    While I am totally against Neturi Karta, I would like to point out that Rav Steinman and the Gerrer Rebbe are not in complete agreement. The Gerrer Rebbe is refraining from joining the leftist Olmert Govt. because of its further withdrawal plans. Rav Steinman is pressing for UTJ to join so that Yeshivas will get more money. In taking this position Rav Steinman lowers himself to the level of Rav Ovadya Kesef.

  3. “Rav Ovadya Kessef? Really, you Chabadniks resort to name calling at the drop of a hat. I suppose I should refer to the Rebbe as Rabbi Mendel Wise, after Steven S. Wise, who – allegedly –refused to take steps to save Jews during the Holocaust, just as the Rebbe refused to take steps to save Ethiopian Jews. But then you would scream and rant and rave, now wouldn’t you?

  4. Ma Rabbi

    Your analogy comparing Ethiopian Jews with the holocaust is insane.

  5. Why? Jews being murdered and starved to death because they were Jews. The decimation of the Jewish population. Large scale rape. Elie Wisel compared it to the Holocaust.

  6. mazeartist

    This week, the Satmar leadership officially banned the use of bicycles.

  7. ah yid

    there are two leaderships now.
    which one?

  8. yoely

    the possuk says Kol hanogea bohor mois yumos
    R’ chaim brisker said that daas torah does not necessarily all have to be the same. if there were gedolim such as the ohr sameach, Rav shach who had no problem don’t touch them. additionally the remo says in hilchos yoim hakippurim that thing which there are two shitos about you shouldn’t be mocheh. also the biur halachah says if you know they won’t listen you shouldn’t be mocheh.
    so it all boils down to politics….again.!

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