RCA Passes “Abramoff” Resolution

The Rabbinical Council of America has passed an anti-crime resolution, apparently in response both to the Jack Abramoff scandal and to the spate of high profile crimes committed by Orthodox Jews. The RCA also passed a series of resolution regarding Gaza and the Settlers, including one entitled The Demonization of the Settlers. I did not see any resolutions condemning Settler violence against the army and police, and settler calls for sedition and refusal to serve. Rabbis and objective truth and honesty are like oil and water.

I’m posting remotely this week, so my posting may lag a bit. My responses to your emails will surely lag as well.

[First seen on Hirhurim.]



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6 responses to “RCA Passes “Abramoff” Resolution

  1. sarah

    You are so bitter and twisted. Why do you only find negative comments to make, even when the rabbinical council does something good, you find something bad to say about the settlers.
    Get a life.

  2. Josh

    You said so aptly. “They didn’t even condem the settlers refusal to serve” in an army that calls for the vilation of halakah and demonozation of Jews. Hey, fr nazis as yourself they should have a some condemnation.

  3. Anonymous

    Thats because the ratio of settler violence to police gestapo brutality is way far apart. I didnt hear you call for condemnatio of a goverment that sells its people out for EuroDollars. But people who support this oligarchy of a Govt need to hang together right now because they will one day hang seperatley, and by the way, since you obviously havent served in the army there, why dont you just shut up until you put your money where your mouth is.

  4. Neo-Conservaguy

    Ah, I see shining the light of truth on the scumly actions of some of the settlers has brought the vermin out to play. Let’s see, how many counter-accusations does it take to divert attention from the illegal, non-halachic violence they premeditated and carried out against the lawful actions of the Israeli police? I’ll buy you a clue: none, because nothing can change the facts of those disgusting incidents. The settlers were wrong to plan and attack the JEWS that were carrying out the legally ordered evacuations of those settlements.

  5. hashfanatic

    Pay scant attention to fools who will deride you.

    Their entire reality is a tenuous house of cards, and they see you as the one leaning on it.

    Forgive them, and continue the work that you’ve started. As you can see, it’s vitally needed.

  6. Truthteller

    How about a condemnation of the clubs and the heads they broke on? Is this your idea of standing up for the victim? I bet if they had been beaten up in Darfur, you would be up in arms.

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