Rabbi Gil Student writes:

When a restaurant mistakenly receives a delivery of non-kosher meat, notices it immediately and doesn’t allow it in the restaurant, and then someone walks by, sees the package outside and reports it to his rabbi — then, by all means, shout at the top of your lungs that the restaurant is serving treif meat, publicly embarrass the owner and drive him out of business. But when the physical and spiritual wellbeing of children is at serious risk — “Hush hush, mush mush. We don’t want to ruin his parnassah.”

Of course, in both situations discretion must be properly utilized. But what really bothers me are the communal figures who don’t usually watch their mouths but are suddenly being so careful. Don’t they realize that when they are quick to denounce everything and then suddenly don’t denounce this, they are sending a huge message with their silence?



Filed under Crime, Haredim, Jewish Leadership, Modern Orthodoxy

2 responses to “Emmes

  1. Dovid Lerner

    Intresting thought…

  2. Yankif Yosif

    Perhaps these Rabbonim have something to hide or perhaps they don’t want to open a can of worms. They have negi’is. This is the last they would want to happen to themselves. Sort of like the Catholic priest effect.

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