Rabbi Aaron Rubashkin Abuses Workers

Aaron And Moshe Rubashkin Fraud Nlrb Judges Decision

Rabbi Aaron Rubashkin, owner of AgriProcessors (Aaron’s Best™, Rubashkin’s™, Shor HaBor™, etc.), and his son Rabbi Moshe Rubashkin collected union dues from employees and pocketed the money themselves, rather than turning the funds over to the union as required by law. They got caught. The Forward reported this Friday. (Our report on this was posted 14.5 months ago, on March 13, 2005.)

Here in PDF is the decision finding against the Rubashkins from the National Labor Relations Board, in case you missed it the first time around.



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6 responses to “Rabbi Aaron Rubashkin Abuses Workers

  1. Nigritude Ultramarine

    Let me be the first to thank the Orthodox Union for lending an air of respectability to these scum buckets by choosing the Rubashkin gang to be their business associate. Cloaked as a not for profit, tax exempt “religious” entity, the OU gave their seal of approval to their business associate.

    אוי לרשע ואוי לשכנו

  2. chabad skeptic

    Rubashkin has no problem with their attorney getting his law license suspended for 6 months for his conduct in this case. I am sure they paid him off well. No surprise..

  3. Nigritude Ultramarine

    The Jewish Press is braying that these accussations are false.

  4. amnon

    cherry hill textiles? in the forward?

  5. It is briefly mentioned in the article about abuses at AgriProcessors.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow! What an objective and hard-hitting story. I see a Puliter in the Jewish Press’ future.

    Unfortunately, space constraints forced the editor to omit the reporter’s rave review of the musical production staged by the happy workers and their cute children (dressed in animal costumes), performed in their provincial native tongue. Anyone else see some uncomfortable analogies?

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