Crime In The Name Of Chabad Theology And Religious Zionism

The Jerusalem Post reports:

A crowd of yeshiva students in Yitzhar attacked three police officers on Wednesday afternoon, after the three arrived at the West Bank settlement to look into security arrangements at local schools and yeshivas.

Dichter said he was baffled as to how Israeli society has reached a point where a civilian dares to hit a civil servant.

Approximately 30 people whom police identified as students at a nearby yeshiva hurled rocks at the policemen and at their patrol car, causing severe damage to the vehicle. The police officers, fearing for their lives, fired one warning shot in to the air to disperse the crowd and escape.

The three officers were the district security coordination officer and the Samaria subdistrict security commander, as well as the third non-commissioned officer.

“The patrol was concerned with checking the security of students in the settlement,” said a police officer from the Judea and Samaria District.

Police said that some of the assailants had worn masks to conceal their identities. Police reinforcements were called in, and are currently carrying out searches in order to apprehend the protesters. …

In February, the IDF withdrew a paratrooper company from Yitzhar after a spate of verbal and physical attacks on soldiers guarding the settlement.

A week before the company was withdrawn, 10 masked settlers attacked a soldier guarding Yitzhar, assaulted him physically and verbally, pushed him to the ground, and stole his communication radio set. Following a dialogue between settler leaders and IDF commanders, the radio set was eventually returned.

Hours prior to the incident, settlers from the community punctured all four wheels of the local commander’s jeep.

Last November, settlers in Yitzhar caused $30,000 damage to electronic surveillance equipment installed by the army to enhance the settlers’ security.

It is reasonable to conclude these “students” are the pupils of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg, a well-known Chabad rabbi and extremist.



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2 responses to “Crime In The Name Of Chabad Theology And Religious Zionism

  1. Nigritude Ultramarine

    A Sadducee priest once poured the water offering upon his feet in disdain; the onlookers stoned him with their Esrogim (Suka 48)

    Now they throw rocks at people doing their job. Lovely. What a kiddush HaShem.

  2. The Unlubab

    Extremist? How about maniac c***k sucker?
    This effen lunatic caused the death of soldiers guarding his ‘yeshiva’ in the midst of Shchem ‘Nablus’. Do we need a yeshiva in the midst of angry ,hateful arabs? Do we need to put people, fellow jews, soldiers in danger for your meshugas?F**n c**ck sucker!!!!

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