Rubashkin Innocent, Chabad Rabbi Claims

Chabad Rabbi Asher Zeilingold, the rabbi who called me “Adolf Hitler” and ‘excommunicated’ me, has launched a defense of Rubashkin. Rabbi Zeilingold visited Postville with my (former) friend Carlos Carbonero to “prove” the Forward wrong. In essence, what happened is two hasidic Jews, clearly presenting themselves as such, interviewed workers to determine the truth of the Forward’s story.

The core of the Forward’s argument is the intimidation caused by the large number of illegal alien workers and repeated threats from Rubashkin to turn in dissidents to the Immigration and Naturalization service. To believe Rabbi Zielengold is to believe that workers would tell the truth to representatives of Rubashkin. Rabbi Zielengold gives the hechsher (kosher supervision) to Rubashkin’s non-glatt meat and has had a close business relationship with the Rubashkin family since the plant opened almost 20 years ago. His name is on hundreds of boxes of meat produced daily at the plant, and is known to workers there.

Further, Rubashkin is a former resident of and still is a major donor to Rabbi Zeilingold’s community.

If Rubashkin would close, Rabbi Zeilingold would lose much. Therefore his “testimony” should be suspect. But, as Rubashkin and his rabbis prove on an all too frequent basis, in Chabad-land and haredi-land, truth does not matter.

By the way, the “Dr. Carlos Carbonero” mentioned in the article has a Ph. D. in math, and has no expertise or competence in labor relations, medicine, law or halakha. His sole purpose on the trip, beside driving Rabbi Zeilngold, was to translate from Spanish to English.



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11 responses to “Rubashkin Innocent, Chabad Rabbi Claims

  1. Anonymous

    why do you still daven at his shul?

  2. I have not so much as walked in there for more than 2 years.

  3. Nigritude Ultramarine

    I noticed the article did not mention that the rabbi and his interpreter conducted an investigation into the stolen union dues.

  4. Very good points! Perhaps the Forward article and the Peta DVD should be shared with Trader Joes, etc.

  5. Stephen Mendelsohn


    The Rubashkin meat certified by R’Zeilingold is sold under the David’s brand name. Trader Joe’s is a major purchaser of Rubashkin’s non-glatt meat.

    In any case, the Jewish Press editorial does not dispute that many of Rubashkin’s employees are undocumented aliens from Mexico and Guatelmala. Knowingly hiring undocumented aliens is itself illegal, and it is blatantly clear from all sides that AgriProcessors is not properly checking for the staus of prospective employees as required by law. Any violation of Americal law here would also be a violation of halacha (dina d’malchuta dina), but then, we have seen the contempt which these scoundrels treat compliance with civil law.

  6. Moishe

    I have grown up with these slavic scum who call themselves jews my entire life and this is exactly what they would do. This behavior is so predictable especially at the way they perceive other “lesser significant” cultures/races.

    They are taught/ingrained at a young age of how despicable and disgusting the outside world is (a massive deviation and complete antithesis to what the origins of this teaching is), much the same way shmarya was taught by organizations like jafi to brown nose “mara d’asras”, “rabbis”, and what have you not.

    It’s despicable the fear students show teachers in snag yeshivas. Today it has changed somewhat, but if you want to see judaism the way it was 50 years ago go to ner israel and watch how the students say “but the *ugh* rebbi *ugh* said” cautiously avoiding an attentively direct word to the “humble” excuse for a teacher/mentor.

    Jewish orthodox ritual slaughter (milmata l’maala) should be outlawed immediately, and so should any ritual/painful slaughter without the use of a barbiturate sedative first such as pentobarbital (Sagatal) which would GUARANTEE the animal feel no pain at the time.

    Let’s face it, Judaism is/has become something very evil.

  7. nachos

    “without the use of a barbiturate sedative first such as pentobarbital (Sagatal) which would GUARANTEE the animal feel no pain at the time.”

    Are you sure that you want Sagatal in the food chain. Once injected, it is in the meat!

  8. Moishe

    Good point. I personally would want it in the meat 😉 j/k.

    But seriously, the concentration would be so low, that it would be negligible. Especially for meat that is partially drained of blood.

    I would take barbiturates or opiates in my meat anyday over bovine growth hormonized meat.

    Peta was right to go after these depraved filth.

  9. nachos


    I am sorry that I disagree with you on the medication in meat. You seem to have your drugs mixed up. Bovine Growth Hormone is given to Dairy cows. It’s in the milk you drink. You probably meant implants such as Ralgro. In would be a rare case for an animal slaughtered at Agri to have BGH in it. However, I would probably think that upwards of 90% of the cattle slaughtered there would be implanted as is a common industry practice.

    Drugs like Sagatol and Rompun once injected would be in the animal for 24 hours. That is not a solution.

  10. Anonymous

    And Dr. Carbonero is one of the first to minyan every day at shul … and is quickly becoming the next Irv Rosenblum of the shul. Kudos to Casriel – Keep up the great work!

  11. I don’t know about Moishe’s comments, for a minute there I thought I was reading Stormfront.

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