Would You Trust This Man?

A rabbi has two parsonages located less than 6 blocks from each other. One is linked to his Orthodox synagogue. The other is linked to a division of the synagogue and perhaps to a second, fictitious congregation. Would you trust this man?



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4 responses to “Would You Trust This Man?

  1. Nigritude Ultramarine

    Nope I wouldn’t trust this person.

    BTW, where does this gem of a person live?

  2. A small community somewhere, say, with fewer than 75 active families.

  3. Anonymous

    but certainly, my dear smarya, wew don’t trust you

  4. Ah, those posters with the mice in their pockets and an inability to check their work.

    I definitely wouldn’t trust him if he said that the fictional congregation always has attendance at notional minyanim.

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