Former Managing Editor Of Jerusalem Post Knew Of Allegations Against Gafni Years Ago But Did Not Investigate

This is not as bad as the headline makes it seem. Calev Ben David, the former editor of the Jerusalem Post, admits knowing of allegations against Rabbi Mordechai Gafni for several years. Ben David did not pursue those allegations beyond asking a staffer with independent knowledge of them to try to get a victim she knew to go on the record. That failed, and Ben David did not choose to look for the victims he knew of in America, or other victims in Israel. That Ben David is honest enough to write a column documenting his failures – especially because this column was unforced – shows much for his character. It is telling that there are no similar outbursts of morality from the rabbis who defended Gafni, especially Rabbi Saul Berman of Edah and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, who has made a career of writing about Jewish ethics and morality but is mute about his own failures here. Neither rabbi should have a place in public Jewish life. Both still do. This again shows that Judaism cannot police itself, especially when rabbis are involved in the crime and/or the coverup.

[Hat Tip: Ben Max.}


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