Chabad Tries To Muscle In On Europe’s Rabbis

A venerable organization of Europe’s Orthodox rabbis finds itself challenged by an upstart rabbinical group controlled by Chabad. The Chabad group tries to get itself invited to an important interfaith conference sponsored by the EU. The EU does not bite, because it already recognized the nearly 50-year-old non-Chabad group. Chabad donors and flunkies exert more pressure. The EU still doesn’t bring in Chabad. Israel’s scandal-plagued Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yona Metzger enters into the fray on the side of and, it seems, the request of – Chabad – and in the process appears to have violated Israeli law. More on this story soon to come.



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3 responses to “Chabad Tries To Muscle In On Europe’s Rabbis

  1. Yochanan Lavie

    Am I paranoid, or naive, or is Chabad really trying to take over Judaism (or at least Orthodoxy)? Chabadniks can believe whatever they wish, but don’t impose your messianism on us.

  2. I dont understand you? here Chabad is doing beautiful work with working with so many jewish international orginizations and you still do stand back and say wow, you are doinga good job? do you ahve any idea whats going on here in europe? or because its Chabad that’s doing it, it must be bad! do you know whats going on with the confrence of european rabbi’s? do you know how many Rabbis are assoiated with them and how many are assoisaited with the RCE (the chabad related one)? if there is a future to Judasim in Europe it is Chabad that is saving it! with the many diffrent programs they offer from Brussels for all ORGinsations here in Europe, they help out so many people! it is amazing. say what you want to say, but why have so many people sided with them? is everyone stupid ALL the time?

  3. Stupid? No.

    Corrupt? Yes.

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