The Chabad Rabbi And The Prostitute(s)

A British tabloid is reporting a rabbi from the Chabad movement has been caught frequenting a whorehouse.This rabbi may be a first cousin to another Chabad rabbi, now dismissed, who stood accused of sexual harassment and, if memory serves, attempts to fondle a non-Jewish maid. Prior to that, before accepting a position as a rabbi, he was involved in an armed robbery. Chabad backed him in the first case, but not in the second, and his shlichut was to the best of my knowledge, terminated.

So, what does this newest case say about Chabad? Nothing bad, certainly. An errant rabbi or two should not reflect badly on the movement as a whole – unless Chabad works to cover up illegal activity or takes other foolish steps to protect its image.

People – even rabbis – sin. what should be done with this particular sinning rabbi? Suspend him with pay (even if 770 has to step in to do this), bring in a temporary replacement and assess the situation. If he has a problem, get him treatment. Then find him a desk job away from people, someplace where he will not be viewed as a rabbi. And do what is necessary to help his wife and children, including facilitating a divorce if that is what his wife wants wants.

Most prostitutes were abused as children, many by powerful figures in their lives like parents, older brothers and clergy. Perhaps Chabad can start an unusual form of outreach, to a largely (but not exclusively) non-Jewish population, funding programs to help get prostitutes out of the business, helping them deal with their past and facilitating a future away from the sex trade.

But again, whether Chabad does this or not, the sins of one or two of its rabbinic representatives should not tarnish the entire movement.



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30 responses to “The Chabad Rabbi And The Prostitute(s)

  1. Anonymous

    wish you would have posted a link.
    which tabloid?

  2. hashfanatic

    Chabad? Outreach to prostitutes?

    Talk about trading in one pimp for another.

  3. Yochanan Lavie

    Chabad? Outreach to prostitutes?

    Imagine Mitzvah pimpmobiles.

  4. Isa

    He should have gone to a different city.
    At least he PAID for it.
    Sure is better than trying to get some innocent woman to do something with

  5. Neo-Conservaguy

    Shmarya, are you going soft on us? That article was balanced and your suggestions for possible tshuva and tikkun are dripping with chessed. You’re scaring me, man.

  6. D W

    “Perhaps Chabad can start an unusual form of outreach, to a largely (but not exclusively) non-Jewish population, funding programs to help get prostitutes out of the business, helping them deal with their past and facilitating a future away from the sex trade.”

    Shmarya, what’s with you??? Don’t you get it??? Obviously that’s what the guy was doing!!!

  7. Shmuel

    Yeah, what’s up with the reasoned, sensitive, understanding approach? I don’t like it one bit. Show some venom, man. I was waiting for the kill and you dropped the ball.
    Just kidding. Nice, thoughtful piece.

  8. AYY

    Assess if he has a problem and get him treatment? You mean with a Chabad approved therapist? Oy.

    For all we know this Rabbi might just have had a case of raging hormones, or maybe there was a problem at home. But yeah, I agree while it’s embarassing to the organization, it’s not a reason to get Draconian with him. After all it’s not like he’s the only one who has ever done something like this. What it shows though is the tension that some Chabadniks must feel between their public roles and their private desires.

    BTW what’s the deal with bringing up his first cousin?. Doesn’t have anything to do with this.

  9. AYY

    I wish the Rabbi luck. If he’s not messed up enough already, he sure could be by the time they get done with the Teshuva they’ll put him through.

  10. josh


  11. The Beadle

    Here’s the link,7340,L-3267471,00.html

    It was also on LBC 97.3 radio (in London) yesterday

    ~The Beadle

  12. hashfanatic

    Josh, any cult is only as good as its weakest link, and trains derail every day of the week.

    My advice to any passengers, held under duress?

    Get yourself free…..

  13. nachos

    In all seriousness, can you imagine the controversy if his wife wants a divorce and he does not want to give her one. Every rabbi will be rallying around him as if he were the victim. Hashem is frowning at this very moment.

  14. AYY

    Josh, I’m not sure what your comment about Chabad and the moving train has to do with this article, but the purpose of this blog seems to be to counter that view of Chabad.

    Has, as far as cutting themselves free, there’s probably a lot of people who would like to but aren’t equipped to go into the outside world because of brainwashing, or lack of a secular education, or family pressures etc. As a practical matter, the Rabbi is probably going to be stuck in Chabad.

  15. Paul Freedman

    The handle for the article was that the Rabbi had said he could not “shake hands with a woman” for religious reasons. One of the girls saw him say that on television and might be the source who ratted him out because she was outraged, as the article notes, by his “hypocrisy.”

  16. If you notice in some of the comments to the YNet article, there is some question as to whether this is a frame-up by the drug pushers he has been working against.

    Also, News of the World is not known for publishing true stories. It is much worse than US tabloids (and they are bad {{grin}}).

    This is not to say that the story isn’t true, but there may be more to the story than what has come out.

    If he has done this, then, at the minimum, he should be removed as a shaliach. He can get a job like any other person, but, for sure, he would no longer be able to be a representative for Chabad.

    If it is not true, then, I hope he sues News of the World (they’ve lost plenty of lawsuits before), gets lots of money, and is vindicated in the press and blogosphere.

  17. Paul Freedman

    Well, I’m shocked, shocked :-^

  18. hashfanatic

    Okay, forget Manchester for a moment.

    If a rabbi from CH meanders over to Park Slope, has he “gone to another town”?

    How about the Bobov from BP who goes to Bay Ridge, but NOT to go shopping at Century 21?

  19. Anonymous

    Shmarya used to be a lubavither, but he never visited prostitutes. right Shmarya?


    Yes, the monster is now using David Jaffe to whip those who disagree with his haredi agenda.

  21. hashfanatic

    Funny timing, especially since the busy time of the year for sex workers is starting right about…NOW…

    Let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. What does one SAY to the old man who hasn’t known a moment of pleasure he didn’t have to pay for? What about the hapless bochur who encounters a dominatrix in a dungeon, and is shivering not because of what he’s done, but because he LIKES it?

    You don’t have to go far out of “town” to see firsthand what a large role “pay-for-play” activities play in the haredi world.

    From the dead-end alleys in Bensonhurst, to the industrial drive-by district in Long Island City, to the marble palazzos of Dyker Heights and Staten Island, to the biscuit-colored brick buildings of Brighton Beach, to the shopping-center parking lots of Spring Creek, these hypocrites come in droves, especially in summer, when wifey is upstate.

    And they should whine about someone else’s parade, in a “holy” city they themselves defile?

  22. AYY

    Izzy might have a point. Outing someone is bad for business. Can’t imagine someone doing it because she was outraged by hypocrisy. People in that profession thrive on hypocrisy.

  23. hashfanatic

    Bear in mind, this whole story could very well BE bogus.

    This one, anyway.

  24. Isa

    I appreciate the link
    Har Har
    Losen hara! Losen hara! Losen hara!
    He was dead meat once he was on TV
    Before when he went to the cathouse nobody knew his true name
    After the TV show, he was dead
    40, 50 pounds??
    He didn’t tip! the cheap bastard!
    An extra 10 pound note directly given to the lady would have insured silence.
    Ha ha ha

  25. hashfanatic

    Forward thinker, monsters come and go.

  26. Neo-Conservaguy

    As someone from Israel who was “in the know” once told me, there was never a lack of business for the transvestite prostitutes in Tel Aviv – the haredim kept them well-patronized.

  27. The Beadle

    A elderly relation of mine used to live in Stoke Newington (very close to Stamford Hill where all the chasidim live) on a particular road that was (apparently) frequented by ladies of the night.

    She used to take great pleasure in telling us over Shabbat lunch of all the Volvos pulling up with Chasidim inside picking up prostitutes, night after night.

    The oldest profession in the world…

  28. Who knows anything? – I don’t – but what i do know that he’s not – neither has he ever been a rabbi, but this i do know – he is one of the main reasons i took my beard off, one of the main reason why i desicrated the laws of Yom Tov, and why after he kicked me out of his ‘Chabad House’ i ripped my clothing and sat on the flour for the rebbe, because i realise he was indeed dead. Am I glad that he has been in the News of The World? yes and no, just from a personal perspective – i believe ‘what goes around come around’ – ‘midda k’neged midda’ (Judaism’s Karma) but it is a sad time for Jewish people in Manchester.

  29. kurveh

    Hey ,if you describe the Rebbe`s death as a form of life ,could you find a euphemistic way to describe “Rabbi” David Jaffe`s escapades.
    (BTW- would the president of Israel call this guy “Rabbi”??)

  30. leon yaffie

    rabbi jaffe is a quality guy
    at the end of the day
    hashem blessed him

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