Israel Still Does NOT Recognize YU Degrees

Ha’aretz reports Israel is still refusing to recognize YU degrees, despite promises made last year. Degrees accepted by Harvard and Yale are void in Israel. One has to think there is something beside the standard Israeli incompetence behind this. My guess is YU has become associated with hard right politics and an increasingly haredi outlook – two things Israel already has more than enough of, especially after the Rabin assassination. But then again, it really might just be Israel’s infamous bureaucracy at ‘work.’



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2 responses to “Israel Still Does NOT Recognize YU Degrees

  1. Dovid Lerner

    Wow, that’s insane. One of the few decent Jewish college’s, and it’s degrees aren’t accepted by the JEWISH state!

    His bachelor’s degree is not being recognized because it included a year of yeshiva study and as a result, his master’s is not recognized either.

    What is going on?

  2. Paul Freedman

    Shmarya–I don’t think this is nationalist political but anti-clerical in general. Secular bureaucrats have decided that since the program for a secular subject contains a yeshiva portion of study it is not good. I don’t think we have any proof this stance is aggravated by political events of the past several decades but is a general declaration of secularist credentialism.

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