Circumcision Deal Fatally Flawed

Steven I. Weiss has been doing some work on the circumcision deal between haredim and NY State. He interviewed an expert cited by the state in support of its new protocol. The expert, Dr. Timothy F. Meiller, had never heard of metzitza b’peh (MBP), the controversy or the new protocol. Worse yet – he rejects the state’s use of his data and is firmly against MBP:

By way of example, he said, “If a dentist called me and asked, having read my paper, if a patient rinses with Listerine, do I have to wear gloves? My answer to them would be: Are you crazy? Of course you have to wear gloves.” He noted “In this procedure, it’s slapping that in the face and saying I’m gonna use some superficial technique and say I’m now ok; you’re not.”

“As a scientist who knows a little bit about virus, I would recommend against the procedure. I would not rely on a surface disinfectant, it’s just too variable. I can’t rely on that being a trustworthy procedure.”

Asked how he would have responded if the state’s health department had contacted him when formulating its protocol, Meiller replied “I would have said that I didn’t think it was enough data to make a decision on anything…it’s like having unprotected sex; in today’s world, it’s just not worth it.”

“Clearly, this is not a procedure that I would think should be condoned,” he said.

So Commissioner Novello struck a dangerous deal with haredim. Why? I believe it is because haredim vote in blocks under the direction of their leaders. (Remember when Hillary got something like 98% of the New Square vote?) Satmar, etc., voting in a block for Governor Pataki in whatever office he next chooses to seek is apparently enough incentive to allow the needless deaths and maimings of a few eight-day-old infants.

SIW also has a copy of a letter sent by NYC’s health commissioner to Novello ripping apart the state’s new protocol and showing clearly why it is fatally flawed – this without knowing that Dr. Meiller was not in agreement with the use of his work and the conclusions drawn from it. Dr. Friedan closes with the hope that the state’s new protocol will nonetheless help. One should presume his wishes for the success of the protocol would have been much less strong if he had known about Dr. Meiller’s objections – and if his boss, Michael Bloomberg was not grovelling for Satmar votes.



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3 responses to “Circumcision Deal Fatally Flawed

  1. Anonymous

    Lakewood, NJ – Head Of Shomrim Arrested On Bribery Charges
    Lakewood, NJ – Chaim Burech Rubin head and founder of Lakewood Shomrim, was charged with two counts of bribery, and posted $20,000 bail.

    Rubin, 25, the township man behind the new Lakewood Shomrim Patrol – one police officials have yet to endorse because of concerns over how well it would work with law enforcement – has been charged with two counts of attempting to bribe a police officer, – predate his forming of Shomrim – He was trying to bribe Officer Erik Menck to help resolve a traffic summonses involving Rubin’s wife, each count is carrying a potential jail term of five to 10 years if he’s convicted.

    According to his arrest warrant: Rubin’s wife, Raizel, was stopped last fall by Lakewood Officer Michael Ruiz. Rubin showed up at Menck’s father’s house and asked to speak to Menck, and he told Ruiz that he and Menck were friends.
    When Menck and Rubin were finished talking, Rubin handed him an envelope and stated “I appreciate you talking to the other officer.”
    Rubin left, and when Menck opened the envelope, he found four $100 bills.
    Menck talked with Ruiz to confirm Rubin’s account and then reported the incident to his superiors in the Police Department.

    Rubin and Menck met again Sept. 30. Rubin handed Menck $200 and “discussed that the money would go to Patrolman Ruiz.” Rubin said another $100 could be paid, if needed. Later Menck called Rubin to meet again. When they did, Rubin gave him $100.

    Rubin would not say what effect his arrest would have on Shomrim.

  2. Anonymous

    Shmarya, I think you’re fatally flawed

  3. hashfanatic

    The key is “Satmar” votes…

    Trust me, Bloomberg would love to see Lubavitch outta CH, yesterday! Satmar stabilizes Billyburg, whereas CH is a nightmare, and a fiscal drain in terms of providing preferencial services to a divided, twitchy district.

    On circumcision, to me this is the abuse that shows the LEAST amount of likelihood of being cured. The parents that subject their children to it STILL worry more about community and family pressures than they do about their children’s health, and that’s what it boils down to.

    If anything, it’s causing more long-term stress on the community as a whole. This subject has been (sometimes erroneously) discussed to death by non-Jews in EVERY corner bar, poker table, laundromat, and chiropracter’s waiting room in the outer boroughs, northern suburbs, Long Island, and New Jersey….chillul Hashem? It’s a PR nightmare!

    The frummies pretend to disregard it. In truth, they’re only unhappy that wind of it got out, not that a potential health crisis could be averted.

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