Founder Of Lakewood’s Shomrim Arrested For Bribing Police

Chaim Rubin, the 25-year-old founder of Lakewood’s haredi Shomrim street patrol, has been arrested for bribing two policemen in an attempt to have a moving violation issued to his wife voided:

Rubin’s wife, Raizel, was stopped last fall by Lakewood Officer Michael Ruiz for an undisclosed motor vehicle violation. On Sept. 28, Rubin showed up at Menck’s father’s house and asked to speak to Menck.

Rubin said that Ruiz stopped Mrs. Rubin and, although the officer didn’t have a ticket book on him, said he would later issue summonses. Rubin quickly arrived and told Ruiz that Rubin and Menck were friends.

When Menck and Rubin were finished talking, Rubin handed him an envelope and stated “I appreciate you talking to the other officer.”

Rubin left, and when Menck opened the envelope, he found four $100 bills.

Menck talked with Ruiz to confirm Rubin’s account and then reported the incident to his superiors in the Police Department.…

Menck also gave a taped statement to Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Senior Investigator Todd L. Friedman, who set up another meeting with Rubin. Menck wore a wire and the conversation was recorded.

“Mr. Rubin acknowledged the $400 bribe and asked if the amount . . . was enough,” Friedman wrote in the affidavit. “Mr. Rubin stated that “one hand washes the other’ and that he would rather give Erik the money than the government. Mr. Rubin also refers to not needing the summonses and continued to tell Erik to enjoy the money. Mr. Rubin then alluded to offering more money to Patrolman Ruiz if needed.”

[Hat tip: Nigritude Ultramarine.]



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5 responses to “Founder Of Lakewood’s Shomrim Arrested For Bribing Police

  1. hashfanatic

    Explain to me again why Shomrim is permitted to exist?

  2. Nigritude Ultramarine

    It looks like the Lakewood (עיר התורה — Ha!) philosophy that holds that goyim are complete degenerates backfired on Mr. Rubin.

    שני מינים נפרדים, indeed.

  3. Neo-Conservaguy

    The only thing unusual here is that the bride wasn’t taken.

  4. Yochanan Lavie

    The “bride” wasn’t taken? Your Freudian slip is showing, Neo. LOL 🙂

  5. Neo-Conservaguy

    Whoops 😉

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