Un-Orthodox Jew On The State Of Today’s Haredi World

Un-Orthodox Jew, the anonymous blogger who successfully outed accused pedophile Rabbi Yehuda Kolko and his protectors Rabbi Lipa Margulies and ‘godol’ Rabbi Pinchas Schienberg, addresses the state of the haredi community:

The answer my friends, is the pass we gave to our rabbis that are no more than mortal humans. They have the same temptations that all of us have, and many of them, not all, fall victim to their humanity. They steal, they cheat, they are corrupt. You know why? There is no system of checks and balances that all humanity requires. They are the rabbis/gedolim…who is going to keep them in check?

We have erred. We have turned our rabbis into Gods..they are not, not at all. They are influenced and corrupted by money and power just as we are. We are scrutinized by our peers, they get a pass.…

No Chassidic rebbe or any rabbi has Godly powers, they are mere mortals. Remember we are Jews NOT Christians; there are NO intemediaries in our religion. WE have a direct line to God, not one bit less than a person who is wearing eighty pairs of tzitzis, fur hats, round hats, square hats, velvet ones, silk jackets, white Kabbalah coats or any of the cult-like dress that we have succumbed to like children lost in a store full of toys and costumes.

We have let the Pied-Pipers flute us into a generation of meaningless rituals and chumras that are nothing more than the works of dangerous and foolish power grabbers.

Some rabbis do this intentionally, and some are led to this madness by a circle of their leidegayers; people who are human parasites..eating off the flesh of the naive and trusting.…

UOJ points out the following:

  1. Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman refused to let his students and followers flee Europe because Yeshiva University was “worse” than Hitler. “Rabbi Gedalya Schorr and Mike Tress obtain hundreds of visas for [Rabbi Wasserman’s] talmidim and [Rabbi Wasserman] tells them, NO THANKS!?”
  2. Rabbi Ahron Leib Shteinman, widely considered the number two ‘gadol’ in the haredi world, condemned NYC’s health department as “Goyim out to destroy Judaism” but when asked, Rabbi Shteinman did not know anything about the herpes virus, including its existence and methods of transmission.
  3. “Moderate” haredi ‘gadol’ Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky argued that, with regard to alleged pedophile Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, we must assume Kolko did teshuva (repented) unless a recent victim victimized in the last few months came forward. [The clear implication being if Rabbi Kolko did teshuva, we are not allowed to punish him for his actions. Indeed, going to the police or media would be crimes under Jewish law, and victims or their supporters who did do would be worse criminals than Kolko.]

UOJ promises to go public Thursday with another potentially high profile case of rabbinic abuse.



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8 responses to “Un-Orthodox Jew On The State Of Today’s Haredi World

  1. Anonymous

    Uoj ,
    keep up this holy work of yours.
    I am actually jelous that i do not have the kohonies that you aquire.

  2. Anonymous

    UOJ is a true tzadik, As someone commented ‘ A Pinchas of our Generation”. I think of all the prophets in the Tanach, they also has no fear when they pointed out the evil things that were being done then.

    I wish him hatzlacha

    and please be safe.

  3. Yochanan Lavie

    What I don’t understand are the non-chareidi, non-hasidic fellow travelers, who buy into the black hat sense of “authenticity.”

  4. Anonymous

    I heard UOJ is going to oust a jewish blogger neamed Shmarya, apparently hes a child molester or something of the sort. I guess we’ll have to wait till Thursday to find out!

  5. Rowan Berkeley

    interesting preference for a real verb (‘oust’) as opposed to the ‘gay’ and unsyntactical usage ‘is going to out’).

  6. Shmuel

    YU worse than Hitler. Stay in Europe, things will be just fine. What’s herpes? No, I don’t know how it’s transmitted, just keep cutting and sucking.
    Feh. This religion has morphed into absolute insanity, led by old-timers who harbor their petty hatreds and won’t ever let the light of day enter their decision-making process. I wouldn’t trust them with a candy store. When will they stop leading us into the ground and hand the reins over to anyone else?

  7. Shmuel

    BTW, make sure you get your eyes on Hakira’s article on MBP in this most recent issue. The article is available on line: http://www.hakira.org.

  8. Tzippy

    If you are a product of Y.U., then I can see just how right Reb Elchonon Wasserman was when he said .U. is worse than death for his talmidim, who died pure instead of self-proclaimed Truth Tellers who speak in opposition to everything Holy and Torah True!

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