Haredim Censor Feldheim Catalogue, Feldheim Agrees – Female Baby Pictures Censored As Well

Haredim censor female baby pictures and Feldheim’s newest catalogue. No joke – the JPost’s Matthew Wagner reports:

… Hamodia insisted that Feldheim blur female faces appearing on pictures of its book covers, including cartoon caricatures, before agreeing to distribute Feldheim’s catalogue as a supplement in its weekend edition.

Books published by Targum Press that appeared in the same catalogue were also blurred.

Hamodia also removed two books from the catalogue, one dealing with female adolescence called The Wonder of Becoming You and another on dating called The Magic Touch.

Feldheim and Targum censor themselves according to their own religious sensibilities. This apparently was not enough to meet Hamodia’s more stringent standards.…

Ya’acov Feldheim, owner of Feldheim Publishers, told The Jerusalem Post that Hamodia’s censorship was “legitimate.”

“Maybe people at Hamodia somehow balance the horrible immodesty that we see on our streets,” said Feldheim. “For me, women walking around half naked is a million times worse than being a little over stringent.”…

Not surprising from the coward who willingly censored Rabbi Natan Slifkin’s books, acquiescing to extremist pressure almost without protest. But there is more:

[Haredi advertising specialist Aryeh] Frankel said that pictures of baby girls are prohibited in both Hamodia, which is owned by Gerrer hassidim and connected to the Agudat Yisrael party, and Yated Ne’eman, controlled by the Lithuanian Degel Hatorah party. Agudat Yisrael and Degel Hatorah together form United Torah Judaism.

“About three years ago both papers disqualified an ad for Kimberly diapers that featured a four-month-old female infant,” said Frankel.

These people are the leaders of the haredi world. What more needs to be said?

[Hat tip: The Beadle.]



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9 responses to “Haredim Censor Feldheim Catalogue, Feldheim Agrees – Female Baby Pictures Censored As Well

  1. The Beadle

    I’m not sure who is supposed to be the pervert – those who would dare put a woman’s face on a book or those who would get turned on by a picture of 4 month old baby.

    I particularly liked the last line in the report:

    “The Zohar says that a female pure of sin does not arouse forbidden thoughts,” said Zilbershlag.

    In other words, it’s the woman’s fault.

    Help is seriously needed.

  2. Southern Discomfort

    In a just society people who associate sexuality with infants should be hunted down and summary executed. In less than perfect society I hope the government has their names and addresseses.

  3. That’s why I boycott both of these narrow-minded papers. I prefer the NY Jewish Press, which is also right-wing Orthodox, but which uses common sense instead of fear to dictate advertising policy.

  4. Anonymous

    Shmarya reads Playboy

  5. Isa

    About child molestors:
    Once I sat next to a a guy who worked as a guard in a prison. Who is the lowest? he replied “child molestors” How do the prisoners find out who is convicted of that?
    “The trustie will come in to clean the guard’s officers and a prisioner’s file folder will happen to be open(‘mistakenly’ of course) and the trustie will get to read it” “Then the rest of the prisioners will turn that molestor to the gays” not even the guards will hear the molestors screams.

  6. See the latest post on my blog. Happy Fourth!

  7. Shmuel

    This religion of ours is so ill it needs life-support. No pictures of females babies? The Zohar, that 13th century forgery, quoted as policy? G-d help us.

  8. Schneur

    How about substituting pictures of current Chassidic rebbes in places where pictures of female babies would ordinarily appear.
    There are currently at least 5 Charedi magazines (weekly) devoted exclusively to pictures of gedolim.

  9. Yochanan Lavie

    “There are currently at least 5 Charedi magazines (weekly) devoted exclusively to pictures of gedolim.”

    And that differs from icons of Christian saints how? I thought we didn’t believe in intermediaries. Jews for Jesus is launching a huge summer initiative, according to the NT Times. I am afraid they will gain more traction this time, due to a combination of Orthodoxy’s watering down of monotheism and its off-putting obsession with minutae. I hope I am wrong.

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