New Jewish TV Network

Jewish Life TV is up and streaming live on the Web. Sources expect JLTV to be running in several cable test markets shortly with national coverage by sometime next year. SIW has basically the same report but from different sources – so this looks like the real deal. Jews finally have a TV network to call our own.



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3 responses to “New Jewish TV Network

  1. I never accepted the Orthodox ban on television. For me ,the acceptable example is Rabbi Mark Golub, who is the founder of the Russian Television Network, a NY-based cable channel.

    For me, Jewish television is not about Barbra Streisand and Woody Allen (who hate their Jewishness anyway), it’s about Torah, Jewish history, holidays, traveling, storytelling, children’s programs…

    May this channel inspire the Pintele Yid to emerge within all television-owning Jews.

  2. TV Watcher

    Doesn’t Golub have a Jewish network as well?

  3. Yes. It seems to be the more functional of the two, as well. It’s called Shalom TV.

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