Doctors Testify Against Vales – Baby Was Severely Shaken, Blinded

Ynet is reporting that several doctors testified at the haredi baby murder trial yesterday, citing massive evidence that the baby was blinded and shaken to death, presumably by the father, Yisrael Vales.

Meanwhile, look for our friends over at CrossCurrents to continue alleging police conspiracy, medical incompetence and secular hate for haredim. What other choice do they have? Certainly they cannot accept the uncomfortable truth that haredim – including some of Israel’s biggest haredi rabbis – have rallied around a man who murdered his infant son simply because the baby cried and had a birth defect. That is far too uncomfortable a truth to be embraced.



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4 responses to “Doctors Testify Against Vales – Baby Was Severely Shaken, Blinded

  1. Schneur

    Actually there is a third way,without in any way generalizing about Charedim, to admit that Valles acted in a very wrong manner , in a moment of insanity and/or anger.
    Of course this would be an admission that frum people are human too.
    The new Charedi society created after WW2 posits implicitly that Charedim are not human, they do not love, hate , fear , need sex, suffer from depression. All thye need is learning, Mitzvoth and some Prayer.
    Its about time they realized that a human has feelings and emotions too, and admitted it.

  2. J.D.

    Allas on this one I think you perhaps have let youre emotions of distain and contempt wash away the just quest for truth that usualy findss it’s way in to your writing.
    Who do ween align our ideas of justice and correction with? Do you believe that western law adopted by the state of Israel provides the ulitamite solution for goverment? I write not to belittle the western judiciary system – but I don’t believe it follows the utopian ulimate goals that our Torah does. Our Torah does not belive in “correction” by the forms of locking up a human beings with others whom the act of murder had come to as well.

  3. avrohom

    shmarya, you like yo hear what you want and you shut your ears to anything that does not fit with yor agenda. you decided already that this boy is guilty and you extrapolate to all charedi society with your venomous hatred. But you don’t want to see that n themeantime there are also holes in the initial position: that he murdered the child and they veered from that position now. And yes, there may be malpractice in the hands of the hospital. there may be also lies spread by the police that may prove that they have an agenda as you have against charedim. Maybe in the end you may have a point and this charedi was guitly and many lessons would have drawn…but at the same time you and your friendsof antisemites would also have to learn some lessons.

  4. hashfanatic

    Avrohom, you do not WANT to accept that he could be guilty.

    But, I guess to some, it’s all the same…they’ll just have another one nine months later…

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