Misrepresents Shechita explains kosher slaughter:

Besides being from a kosher species, kosher meat requires that the animal/bird be slaughtered in the manner prescribed by the Torah (Shechita). (Fish do not have this requirement.) In this procedure, a trained kosher slaughterer (shochet) severs the trachea and esophagus of the animal with a special razor-sharp knife. This also severs the jugular vein, causing instantaneous death with no pain to the animal.

Of course, the Rubashkin scandal has taught us all a very important lesson. The last, bolded and italicized sentence is in fact peripheral to kosher slaughter.

One can, according to today’s rabbis, take a meat hook and rip out the throat of an animal within mere seconds of kosher slaughter, in order to slash at the carotids and jugulars with a less-than-surgically-sharp knife. And the animal can writhe in pain, try to rise, even get up and run away, throat dangling, and that animal is still kosher. In fact, you probably ate meat from an animal slaughtered in exactly that fashion. It came in a package with an OU, KAJ, Crown Heights Beis Din, Wiessmandal, UMK, or other rabbinic imprimatur. It was even glatt kosher (unless you ate David’s or other UMK output).

Now why is it that did not tell its readers, readers it tries to recruit to haredism, the truth about kosher slaughter?



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6 responses to “ Misrepresents Shechita

  1. Nigritude Ultramarine

    The truth of the matter, as I understand it, is that shechita only requires severing the trachea and esophagus. Inasmuch as Aish is in the “business” of creating chareidim, they really can’t tell neophytes the truth. For Aish, it’s really better to “blue sky” the unseemly side of certain things.

    Anyway, here’s my rewrite of the relevant passage:

    In this procedure, a trained kosher slaughterer (shochet) severs the trachea and esophagus of the animal with a special razor-sharp knife. At this point, a goy or other untrained person, shows up with a hook. While the animal is alive, he rips the jugular veins with the hook, which then kills the animal.

  2. If it wasn’t true it would be very funny!

  3. hashfanatic

    Uh, because they’re not in the business of spreading the truth about anything, perhaps?

  4. Joseph Wiesenfeld

    the laws on kashruth which include the slaughtering of only specific types of animals the hebrews are permitted to use are very specific in our uncle was a kosher butcher and he would take me with him to the slaughterhouse at times to watch an animal being slaughtered .there was always a rabbi present to make sure the animal was slaughtered acording to hebrew law in our torah.

  5. shechita student

    this post is rather foolish. It is theoretically possible to miss the jugular vein during shechitah, but it is rare. On the rare occasian that it is missed, it would usually be cut with the shochet’s knife. This would prolong a cow’s suffering by a few seconds at most. The main point of the post that Aish doesn’t tell the whole story is correct, however.

  6. But it was not rare at Rubashkin to miss the jugular vein or the carotids. And it was not a schochet or his knive that made a second cut – it was an illegal worker from Guatemala using a meat hook and a regular knife. And the suffering was prolonged for minutes, not a few seconds. Why? That has to do with physiology and the animal’s fear response, but it’s true, documented and proven.

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