New Hasidic Scam?

From a guest post on UnOrthodoxJew:

I recently became aware of this scam: In a certain Chasidic community, a major girls high school has done away with 12 th grade. Why? See if you can follow this: Many of their girls get married at 18. They marry religiously, and not civilly. When they give birth to their children, they file for welfare as unwed mothers. They recently found out that unwed mothers who did NOT graduate high school are entitled to a greater stipend than those who did graduate. To make sure their girls avoid the temptation of getting a diploma, this school did away with 12th grade.

Readers? Have you heard about this? Is this New Square? Satmar? Another sect? Many sects?



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16 responses to “New Hasidic Scam?

  1. Anonymous

    Shmarya, isn’t that similar to the scam you and your wife pulled?

  2. No, she was only 12 1/2 at the time, and the benfits really sucked.

  3. Anonymous

    you married a 12 1/2 year old girl? Are you a pedophile?

  4. Isa

    If you can document it, it will be Welfare fraud!
    The authorities would be VERY interested.

  5. “you married a 12 1/2 year old girl? Are you a pedophile?”

    Depends how you view it. I was 13 years and one day old.

  6. Schneur

    Scams of similar kinds in the Charedi community have been going on for 20 years. Marriages are religious only , hence the future mothers and babies are entitled to all sorts of public assistance.
    On the flip side a HS diploma is valuable for these girls in getting jobs , so I am not certain which communities have done away with partso f Hs, but in reading DER YID for years now, I have seen such announcements. But truth be told there are even a few chassidic seminaries for girls offering some form of post hS education in terms of training as teachers, mothers and bread winners.
    In addition the community does not want its girls single or just married working in non-Charedi offices or plants. hence a HS diploma becomes even less of a necessity.
    The Charedi community is involved in many such “scams”. they may be perfectly legal in secular terms , but I wonder how halacha and Mussar view them ??

  7. Shmuel

    “They (Charedi scams) may be perfectly legal in secular terms…”
    Only if you’re a lawbreaking Charedi could you possibly argue that. Consider: they marry but never inform the authorities that they’re MARRIED, thus they are by no means “unwed” mothers. Next, they knowingly and fraudulently file for benefits which they’re not entitled to. Finally, they get the most illegal benefits they can, by not “graduating” from HS. Only Charedim could cook up a scam like this. I’m glad to be part of the “Am Hanivchar.” What a sad, sick joke we’ve become. All appearance, no substance. No morals. No ethics. No integrity. We were “chosen” to cheat the gentiles out of their money because some rabbis, somewhere, in a fit of rage against I don’t know who, decided that cheating goyim is a-ok. So the charedi zombies fall into line. I want out of this ridiculous religion NOW.

  8. D

    It’s stories like these that converted me from being a bleeding-heart liberal to a small-government libertarian many years ago.

  9. Yochanan Lavie

    D: Me Too!

  10. A well-connected friend in NY checked this out for me. Sadly, this appears to be a real, currently operating, widespread scam.

  11. Schneur

    Shmuel. I think you are misunderstanding me . I agree with everything you wrote including the tone.The KEY word in my note was MAY even if thay are AT TIMES within the law they are against the spirit of the Jewish tradition.
    But I am as much frustrated by this behavior as you are.

  12. Check the facts

    Guys:Calm down,will you!
    The welfare law pushed by the Clinton administration allows a max of five years on public assistance cash benefits.(food stamps and Medicaid, the state medical health insurance are not included)Therefore there is little to gain by this fraud.I live in Brooklyn and find it very difficult to believe that this is widespread in the chasidic community in Williamsburg, where I work.

  13. Stan

    The “facts” are slightly distorted. The schools indeed end after eleventh grade. However this is after the recent addition of that grade. Many Chasidic girls’ schools end after tenth grade, as they see no need for extended education. No job a graduate might want requires a H.S. diploma. So if they really don’t want a degree and really don’t have one, why is that part of it fraud?

  14. moshe

    Talking about scams, is it true Cunin is building a big mansion in Brentwood, and if so, is it with telethon money, or is he exorbitiantly paid by the community?

  15. Anon

    Moshe: I heard that the Money goes to Rabbi Cunin for spending at his discretion mainly will go to Westwood & Brentwood where ties to the Rebbe Moshiach Cunin are strong. Probably true what you wrote.

  16. RHYO

    there are so many jews and russian jews scam welfare today dont they ever do anything now to crack it down ?!

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