NYPD Hires Haredi Cop


Today’s New York Post: The New York Police Department has hired its first haredi cop, a Satmar hasid. Ynet reports …

UPDATE: Vos Iz Neias is reporting the hasid is 4 credits shy of the 60 college credits needed for hire and has been passed over. He can reapply after completing the 4 credits.



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7 responses to “NYPD Hires Haredi Cop

  1. Ear to the Sidewalk....

    Vos Iz Neis is reporting that he did not make the class.. due to being a few credits short from the KY Yeshiva.


  2. Anonymous

    Meah Shearim tactics
    July 10th, 2006
    Leaflets distributed in several neighborhoods in Jerusalem offered 20,000 shekel to anyone who kills participants in the International Gay Pride Parade scheduled to take place in Jerusalem next month. The flier also suggested that fire bombs be used to kill the participants and gave instructions on how to assemble them.

  3. michoel

    This willl be remembered as a classic Murdochian NY Post headline, but nothing will ever beat “Headless Body Found in Topless Bar.”

  4. Doresh

    Why isnt it a bad hashbooh? IE there is a lot of preitsus and kalos rosh in police work. As well as new daos as ideas in law and policing that are quite different to the Torah’s idea.

    Also isnt the accademy the equivilent of trade school also called college. So I dont know why a stmar chosid can do this but cant learn in college how to program computers.

    So I dont know why satmar chassidim are not up in arms.

  5. Schneur

    A man with the same last name is the public safety director of Kiryat Joel in Orange county.
    Why does he not join the POlice force of New Skver or KJ. They probably could use a good well trained public safety officer.
    The appointment of a chasid to the NYPD shows how the forces of acculturation and even assimilation at hard at work even in the Chassidic community.
    Of course now that a satmar man is on the job, Lubavitchers can not be far behind.

  6. nachos

    Can you imagine all the tickets he could fix?

  7. Yochanan Lavie

    Re: Meah Shearim tactics: Interesting how fundies of various relgions can agree on bashing gays, but not on banning religious violence.

    Re; Satmar cop. My friend in Israel can’t understand why it’s okay to be a cop, but not fight in a Jewish army.

    Re: Murdoch. I liked this headline: “Baby found in freezer- Mother grilled”

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