As many of you noted, we and every other blog hosted by TypePad were down most of today. This time the outage lasted more than 9 hours. TypePad has yet to post an explanation. Its so-called “Status Blog” at first failed to show any outage at all. It then showed service as “degraded,” a step less than down, even though no blogger could post and no comments could be left. Bloggers could also do no other blog related work. It was updated to “down” a few minutes later. This is the second TypePad outage where I have had to call and tell TypePad that they were down. (The person I spoke with said, “No! Really? No, we don’t know that! I’ll tell [the tech crew] right away.”) This may be acceptable for a free service like Blogger, but not for a paid service, which is what TypePad is. If you’re thinking of upgrading from Blogger, beware. Why companies as large as NBC use TypePad is beyond me.


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