FBI, Federal, State Govts Investigate Lakewood Racial Bias – Haredim Discriminate Against Blacks, Latinos

The Forward reports:

LAKEWOOD TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Officials in this multi-ethnic town of 66,000 have been under investigation on several fronts for allegedly discriminating against racial minorities and favoring the growing ultra-Orthodox population.

The New Jersey attorney general’s office is currently investigating the Lakewood police department’s handling of a case in which a group of Orthodox men assaulted a black teenager, according to local officials. The local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has said that the Orthodox assailants should be charged with bias, due to racial slurs allegedly yelled during the incident. So far, only one Orthodox man has been arrested and charged with simple assault.

News of the attorney general’s probe comes a month after the New Jersey Department of Education announced the results of a separate investigation, which found that the Lakewood School District had discriminated in favor of ultra-Orthodox children — and against local black and Latino children — in the administration of special education programs.

In a third matter, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development completed an investigation last week, which found that a local Jewish apartment owner had given preferential treatment to Orthodox tenants at a housing complex that receives locally-administered housing grants.

One local official, who asked to remain anonymous, said that in addition to the separate individual investigations, the FBI and the state attorney general had been looking more broadly at the situation in Lakewood — a town that has become a living symbol of the growing size and clout of the ultra-Orthodox community in America. Other prominent local figures confirmed that wider investigations of municipal authorities are taking place.…

The US Justice Department is also investigating price fixing and collusion in the haredi-controlled kosher meat and supervision industries and are is also said to be looking at other crimes, as well. Haredim often believe they are above US law, that they can do whatever they wish to whomever they choose. Despite the snake oil Marvin Schick and Rabbi Avi Shafran try to peddle, crime runs rampant in the haredi world. A brief list:

  1. Rabbi Moshe Rubashkin’s felony bank fraud and other suspicious activity, including byzantine title arrangements for his failed Allentown, PA Montex Mill, and the suspicious fires that finally destroyed it.
  2. Rabbinic abuse and rabbinic coverup of abuse, including the Kolko, Tendler, Bryks and other cases. These cases all allegedly involve intimidation of witnesses by rabbis, along with active coverups run by rabbinic leaders.
  3. Welfare fraud, including 18 year old girls marrying in religious ceremonies without a legal marriage license at the direction of rabbinic leaders, then, at the direction of those same leaders, claiming to be unwed mothers, thereby collecting more welfare.
  4. Haredi schools getting money from government to provide hot lunches but providing no lunch – except on the day the government inspectors come.
  5. The bait-and-switch digital camera scam.
  6. The three crimes mentioned in the Forward article.
  7. Other NYC housing scams.
  8. Alleged worker abuse at Rubashkin’s Postville Agriprocessors plant.

As one connected source told me yesterday, nobody in government, not the police or social workers or program heads, thinks of Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Boro Park, Flatbush, Monsey or Lakewood as holy communities. When you mention haredi, the first thought is not holy – the first thought is fraud. That, more than anything else, may turn out to be the legacy of today’s Orthodox Judaism.



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5 responses to “FBI, Federal, State Govts Investigate Lakewood Racial Bias – Haredim Discriminate Against Blacks, Latinos

  1. Schneur

    Of course Charedim are above the law, because there is no law in their eyes. Everyhting including Halacha can be “dreyed”.
    The Talmud clearly states that Torah not accompanied by earning a living eventually leads to a life of crime and theft.
    This is another example of the selective reading of Jewish texts by the haredi community.
    Today few Charedim are educated in the professions , hence they enter the world of business and much worse.. With the explosive growth of the Charedi population , the American jewish community may indeed be facing a serious crisis in 40 years, if the Charedi community can not come to grips with its flawed moral posture in regards to Mitzvoth Bein Adam LeChaveiro. As it is , we are now treated to weekly reports of scandals etc involving not only individual charedim , but Charedi institutions.
    Just imagine this same community;s public image in 20-40 years from now with several million memebrs in Metro New York.

  2. Shmuel

    Great post, Shmarya. Great comment, Schneur. Heaven help us: we are witnessing the destruction of Judaism’s authority in the spheres of morality amd integrity. The most religious have no regard for the law of the “goyim,” so they break it blithely and then wonder what they did to wind up in jail. Talk to the typical robot yeshiva boy in his teens and he’ll tell you those laws are worthless. There are more scandals coming, sadly, and there is no rabbinic leadership to stop it, since the rabbis are involved in the scams and they’re the “mechanchim.” Send your child to charedi schools, train a theif and scam artist. G-d help us. He sure won’t forgive us.

  3. nachos

    If the economy spins into a depression, I can see a politician coming to power under the guise that the failed economy is all the fault of the “crooked Jews.” We could very well end up with another holocaust

  4. Shmuel

    Shmarya, don’t forget your friendly neighborhood charedi slumlord, several of whom routinely make NYC’s top 10 for worst landlord. Any embarassment? Nope; they laugh all the way to the bank. They need a year or two in the slammer to appreciate the gravity of their sins.

  5. Nigritude Ultramarine

    Everyhting including Halacha can be “dreyed”.

    Even worse, some are so shallow and lacking in morals they feel if it’s not אסור in the שולחן ארוך, it’s מותר.

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