Tendler v. Jewish WhistleBlower, et al

The Forward has the lowdown on disgraced rabbi Mordechai Tendler’s pathetic attempt to unmask the identity of the anonymous blogger who helped bring him down, including JewishWhistleBlower. Tendler will likely lose his case. If he should somehow win, the anonymous bloggers will surely win on appeal. To win, Tendler has to show special malice on the part of the bloggers and real defamation – in other words, the gist of their charges must be false, and it must be proved the bloggers knew those charges to be false or that they recklessly disregarded credible information that would have found Tendler innocent. Tendler was expelled from the RCA in late 2005 because the rabbinic body found those charges to be credible. The RCA hired investigators who spoke with Tendler’s victims and examined his story in detail. The results of that investigation, along with other copious evidence, did Tendler in.


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