Jack The Ripper Jewish

Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer who terrorized London over a century ago, has been identified as a Polish Jew, Aaron Kosminski, a resident of East London. The lead investigator’s private notes on the investigation were released. In them, the investigator notes that Kosminski was positively identified by a witness, but the witness refused to give testimony, in part, it seems, because both Kosminski and the witness were Jewish.

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9 responses to “Jack The Ripper Jewish

  1. Why are the British coming up with this now 100 years later?

    Considering the British record on anti-Semitism, I would not be surprised if this was just empty propaganda.

  2. Yochanan Lavie

    Patricia Cornwell wrote a book claiming non-Jewish artist Richard Sickert was the culprit. The Kosminski theory is discussed and dismissed by her. You might want to take a look. (Which is not to say she is right and the other guy is wrong. Jews are human too, after all, just like “goyim.”)

  3. Yochanan Lavie

    Maybe if the Ripper really is Jewish he can get a job at Rubashkin’s 🙂

  4. avrohom

    and what is the point by your sicko mentioning this today when jews are suffering??? other than to show that jews are just like everyone else you sicko retard with all the meshugayim writing on your blog?

  5. Anonymous

    By your standards, he already stands convicted. After all, positive identification by an eyewitness is sufficient for a conviction. Why even bother with the niceties of a trial?

    Eyewitness testimony has been known to be unreliable in a substantial percentage of cases even when no perjury is involved.
    Here we have heresay notes, over 100 years old, by which you want to convict a person of multiple murders.

    Further, we are to believe that a person positively identified a Jew as a murderer and the British police just dropped the matter. I am not knowledgable of British criminal procedure in the 1800’s, but I would bet they had some means compelling testimony.

    Do the names Dreyfus and Beilis ring a bell?

  6. Anonymous


    From the article linked, it would appear that there was no “lineup,” as would be called for by proper procedure today. A one person identification may have been proper in the 1800s in England, but it is now recognized as being highly unreliable.

  7. Nigritude Ultramarine

    that they both believed had become the world’s most famous serial killer

    They both believed. Anyway, the Jew theory has been advanced before. About 12 years ago, I read a number of books on who could the be the “Ripper” — I remain doubtful about his supposed identity.

  8. My Master’s research focuses on the Jewish Chronicle’s coverage of a particular issue during WWI. As such, I’ve read quite extensively on the JC and came across this on Jack the Ripper (from 1910) the other day: http://www.casebook.org/press_reports/jewish_chronicle/jc19100311.html

    It’s worth a read, especially the second half of Mentor’s column. The period of the 1880s until after WWI was a very tense time for Jewish/non-Jewish relations in Britain, especially in relation to immigrant Jews, of which Kosminski was one. I do not doubt that the police’s treatment of this suspect was a reflection of that. If you look closely at the Jewish Chronicle during the 1880s, you’ll see that there were numerous theories claiming Jack the Ripper was a Jew. This isn’t new.

  9. Nachum Lamm

    After one of the murders, the police, in chasing the Ripper, came to a spot where he had wiped his knife. There, on a door (which still exists, and is pointed out on tours), he had written “The Juwes are the people that will not be blamed for nothing.”

    Although the meaning of this is somewhat vague, with many seeing a Masonic reference in the odd spelling of “Jews,” and the plain interpretation seeming to be that the Ripper was *not* Jewish (allowing for a double negative), things were so tense at the time, with Jews already being blamed in a heavily Jewish neighborhood, that the chief of police on the scene, fearing a pogrom if the news got out, had the words erased, even though he knew he was destroying valuable evidence.

    This scene, incidentally, appears in the movie “From Hell”, which shows (perhaps fictionally) that some limited anti-Jewish rioting did take place anyway.

    In any event, the Ripper himself denied being Jewish in a letter to the newspapers.

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