A Favor

I need to see “Paralysis in Contemporary Halakhah,” Tradition 36:3 (Fall 2002), 1-13. If you have a copy you can share,

Thank you!


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  1. pushkina

    i can’t help you wiht the trhadition article but… i also have a favor to ask (or announce)

    please, if you have a hungarian survivor in your family who lost a first degree relative in the churban, PLEASE refer them to http://www.claimscon.org and encourage them to apply for their lump sum reparation payment. it isn’t much money: HF400,000 which i think is about US$1800.00 BUT the hungarian government is making it VERY hard and confusing to apply but because they need a ‘new and improved’ reparations program to ensure their acceptance into the EU, i think they should work as hard for them to get their acceptance as they made it hard for the jews to survive.
    and there is the small matter of justice: the hungarians (and the fascists among them)need to be reminded that there is a price to pay.

    so please, if you have hungarian survivor relatives, go to the web page, download the forms and get the application postmarked no later than july 31 (the final application date has chnaged)and give the hungarians as good as you can.

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