Send Pizza To The IDF

A friend writes:

Some good friends of mine have been running an organization called PizzaIDF for a few years now.

They deliver pizzas, burgers and ice cream to Israeli soldiers. During the last four years they have delivered many thousands of pizza pies and other gifts to thousands of soldiers. It is hard to describe how happy they are to receive your “special treats” — it goes well beyond getting a hot pizza late at night at a lonely post. It is as tremendous an experience for those who give them out as it is for the soldiers to receive them. They love to know that people everywhere support and care for them.

Please show your love and support for the soldiers especially at this time…

I know exactly what he’s talking about. 19 years ago I founded Keren Kiddush L’Chayalim with two friends. We made kiddush for the soldiers that guard the Kotel (Western Wall), walking from guard post to guard post, group to group, Friday nights and Saturday mornings, equipped with bottles of grape juice and bags of cookies. We were three poor yeshiva students, and we did this weekly without any sponsorship from our yeshiva or any outreach organization. When I left Israel, I passed KKL on to another student, who in turn passed it on sometime later. KKL ran for at least 8 years in this fashion, and may still be running today.

I can talk about those soldiers for hours.

Send a pizza. It will do more good than you’ll ever know.



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4 responses to “Send Pizza To The IDF

  1. Shmuel

    A great idea!

  2. Charedi Youth Blows Himself Up In Synagogue In Brooklyn

    By Deborah Canner and Shachar Ze’evi, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and Agencies

    A nineteen year old charedi youth killed himself today near the upper lectern where the torah scroll is kept, in the Bobov world center. In what community leaders described as an act of terror, the youth ascended to the lectern in middle of Tuesday morning prayers and removed his coat. He stood before the crowd, naked, save for a belt filled with what the police describe as 28 pounds of dynamite. He told the crowd that he has suffered at their hands for the nineteen years of his existence. He said that other suicides in the community are hushed up and he didn’t want to go out that way.

    Police arrived quickly at the scene. The 911 described an influx of calls which were then silent due to the callers being in the synagogue at the scene of the crime. The police entered the prayer hall and that is when the youth pulled the switch. A loud thud shook the Brooklyn structure. Lights crashed, people described a scene like the gas chambers. One old man screamed Nazis Nazis! And somebody muttered that he was a holocaust survivor.

    “You have mistreated me, molested me, raped me, then accused me of being what in effect you created! were said to be the last words of the youth, identified as Yidel Machsinevsky, a Bobov youth from Borough Park.

    Police have closed off the area surrounding the synagogue and the community is in shock and has refused to comment to journalists.

    Police Commisionnor Ray Hernandez said there were 29 dead and over one hundered injured. The injured were rushed to area hospitals.

    posted by Rishus

  3. Anonymous

    “Charedi Youth Blows Himself Up In Synagogue In Brooklyn
    By Deborah Canner and Shachar Ze’evi, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and Agencies”

    Rash, no links to sources nor any sources available on Google, on Haarezt, Arutzsheva etc. Another brain dead sock puppet.

  4. Dovid Lerner

    It’s true, this is the best thing you can do for soldiers, to show them you care. Give them a cold can of soda, a newspaper, a pack of cigarettes… They are our heros, it’s the least we can do for them!

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