Rabbis: Disengagement Caused Missiles To Fall On Israel

The Jerusalem Post reports rabbis associated with the settler movement are blaming the new Lebanon war on Disengagement from Gaza:

Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu called the Hizbullah offensive a direct result of disengagement.

“The logical outcome of our desertion first from Lebanon then from Gaza and Northern Samaria is what is going on right now,” said Eliyahu.

Kiryat Shmona Rabbi Tzfania Drori echoed his colleagues’ sentiments, saying the present situation is punishment for the “disengagement folly.”

As “punishment” for Disengagement? God is causing missiles to rain down on Israel to show his wrath? If so, this little factoid should point out where God’s wrath is really directed:

[Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yona] Metzger said he was devastated by the extent of damage caused to Safed by the bombing.

“One of the missiles made a direct hit on the city’s rabbinic court,” said Metzger. “It landed in the middle of the court room, completely destroying the place. We prayed to God thanking Him for not letting it happen on a weekday when there are people inside.”

Maybe the rabbis looking for signs from above should look more closely at this incident – perhaps God has sent them a message.



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3 responses to “Rabbis: Disengagement Caused Missiles To Fall On Israel

  1. Maybe the tsunamis and volcanoes in Indonesia are a sign from Allah? You don’t need to be a rabbi nor a military strategist to know that the disengagements from Lebanon and Gaza were a mistake. When we fail to live up to the Torah, this is what we get- missiles and rockets.

  2. avrohom

    Here goes scotty again, in middle of a crisis where his godless friends should repent and he too with his friends should rethink how their secularists positions are those compatible with those positions that brought disaster and tragedy in the present situation, scotty is busy sifting through all newspapers to smear those who believe in Torah.

    Out in your head: at this moment the main culprit are those that deserted and expelled 9,000 Jews, rewarded Hamas who came out swinging attaking israelis like never before, arousing hezbollah’s appetite to be on the spotlight and here we are katyuchas raining into insrael, a 1,000,000 israel have to protect themselves and scoty is busy sifting through papers for his smut blug.

    Cut it out and start talking to your friends to repent and strengthen israel make them the point that all the retreats have brought death and disaster….

  3. Shmarya –

    What was the Hebrew word you translated as punishment? Was it עונש or תוצאה ? If the latter, we are in the realm of proximate and not ultimate causation, natural consequences and not supernatural signs. When you show weakness to an enemy he milks it for all it’s worth. Nothing objectionable about saying so.

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