Say Tehillim

Our gedolim (sigh) have asked that all Jews say Tehillim (psalms) for Israel in her time of danger. As I noted earlier, extra prayer, saying psalms, etc., is fine – as long as you take practical steps as well.

Anyway, for those wanting the specific Psalms in both Hebrew and English, ArtScroll has a free download.


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  1. Norman F Birnberg

    I wrote to Neturei Karta and let them know what I thought.

    The bottom line is any Jew, who works together with Israel’s enemies for the country’s destruction, is an anti-Semite and an enemy of the Jewish people.

    Is Israel perfect? No. Is Israel completely holy? No. But just because a nation is imperfect does not negate the prospects of the growth of its spiritual essence. Human beings are capable of rising to the level of holiness in their conduct. We have every right to think the world’s only Jewish State is capable of attaining the same heights.

    Israel’s existence is an inspiration to every Jew in what Jews in a sovereign nation, rather than as a despised and persecuted minority, can accomplish. There
    is still work to be done and the historical reality is the Exile is passing into history.

    A majority of the world’s Jews now live in Israel, an event not seen since the Roman Era. There is a process of G-dliness at work in history and G-d means to return the Jewish people to their land. Rav Avraham Kook of blessed memory, the first Chief Rabbi of then British Palestine, was the first Orthodox Jew to recognize that while Zionism might be led by irreligious or even atheist Jews, they were still doing G-d’s work of speeding up the Redemption of Israel.

    We see this has come true in our lifetime. And when Israel has overcome the dangers assailing her and become elevated in character, she will become the holy nation of priests, an example to the earth that G-d meant her to be.

    In this hour, we pray to G-d to be there for the people of Israel, to bless her leaders and lead her valiant warriors under arms to victory over her enemies. And in that day, the earth will be full of the knowledge of Hashem and the wonders He has done for Israel, from bringing Jacob out of a strange land, to blossom in the land He swore to give to Abraham. Israel will dwell secure in its land.

    May Heaven hear us and with the help of G-d, let all the things above come true to the Glory of His Name and to the benefit of all Israel.


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