Sefat Update:

Ellen Silman writes from Sefat:

The Mayor’s office estimates that half the City has left. The remaining residents are now experiencing simple day to day problems. Except for a few supermarkets everything is closed and it would appear that everything will remain closed for the near future.

The Soup Kitchen of Kollel Chabad is distributing about 500 portions of food each day. There is a volunteer who is delivering to individual families when needed. The remaining residents tend to be older or poorer and therefore have problems even going out to buy food. There is no public transportation for the time being. Yad Sara has begun to help residents that need ongoing medical treatment get to the hospital in Tsfat or Haifa so that their treatment will not be delayed.

Even those families in shelters here are beginning to say ” How long can we stay here!”. I know families who simply cannot take staying in a shelter for such an extended period of time.

Hopefully the situation will improve soon!


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