Why Are Missiles Hitting Israel? Not Enough Anti-Gay Hatred

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Hizbullah’s ongoing attacks on Israel and the war in northern Israel are the result of the planned international gay pride parade in Jerusalem next month and Israel’s inadequate response against the controversial event, a senior Israeli Rabbi said Wednesday.

“We have not protested enough against this parade of abomination and therefore we have received this warning,” warned Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, the head of the extremist Eda Haredit rabbinic court, in a hand-written message to his followers. “Who knows where things will get to if we do not act further and more stringently against it.”




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18 responses to “Why Are Missiles Hitting Israel? Not Enough Anti-Gay Hatred

  1. Anonymous

    Boruch Hashem we have such gedolim to lead us. Maybe they are not perfect, but I think they have more wisdom than the average internet personality, that’s for sure.

  2. avrohom

    Let’s all bow to the godol moron HaScotty for his wise ideas and we shall see the light.

    You “gedolim’ have brought this war by turning a blind eye to hezzbollah with the moronic “gadolim” wisdom of “new middle east”, another gedolim wisdom was to expell 9,000 jews. They lost their livelihood. Do you find in your heart some room to call upon hyour gedolim firends to open up their hearts towards this families as you do to you beloved animals? Now 250,000 jews sleep in bunkers: do your gedolim have a plan not to repeat this in the future by calling on our friends to NEVER AGAIN cede lands to these animal beasts and never again expell our brothers and sisters worse than the your beloved animals with the peta footage…come back to us with your gedolim’s words of wisdom…

  3. Neo-Conservaguy

    There are Lies, Damn Lies, and then there is what “avrohom” writes. Barukh haShem at least it’s funny – pathetic and stupid, yes – but funny, to try and follow the twisted logic of his nested lies. If only it were so simple to pin blame – for him, it is. In reality, a place in which “avrohom” and “gedolim” do not exist, things are much more complicated.

    I’m just kidding, of course – let’s go bash some gays. That will fix everything. Really.

  4. avrohom

    Neo- conservagay

    A few more soldiers got wounded…tell your godol to do something and repent for expelling 9,000 jews…tell your other godol owner of this blog to stop bashing frum…bashing circumcision…bashing shechitah…bashingbashing bashing bashing…look yourselves in the mirror it will do you alots of good

  5. Paul Freedman

    imo, as non-Orthodox, the guys who are protesting the gay-pride parade are a side issue as are the gays marching in the parade: Shmarya’s continued surprise that birds fly and fish swim in the sea are puzzling–Shmarya you’ve left this world so leave it already. Maybe this current crisis was inevitable–to the degee that mistakes of judgement, of strategy, were made they were made by the non-Haredi leadership of politicoes and generals.

  6. Paul Freedman

    could someone tell an apikores the difference between kosher and glatt kosher?

  7. Paul Freedman

    I guess my query is this: Shmarya links all the ills of the orthodox world in this blog: issues of kashrus monopolization and price-fixing, organizational corruption, Chabad messianism, and scientific illiteracy of ultra-orthodox. Is this all one big package so that an Orthodox Jew cannot find a community to live their Judaism through that is not inevitably afflicted by corruption, sexual predation, and medievalism? Why not Modern Orthodox? Are they goners too?

  8. Paul Freedman

    That is the difficulties Conservative shuls face in forcing mainstream distributors and producers to provide kosher produce that is non-glatt is not related to the phenomena of ultra-orthodox belief in divine retribution for gay-pride parades–there isn’t one ball of wax here.

  9. duvidMeir

    Why doesn’t the Beis Din blame it on the women? Their usually a good target – I’ve been seeing sleeves running up over wrists r”l!

    Wait!! Kafiya! Mivtza Kafiya! How is it that these arabs keep winning? It’s their women, they’re more tznius! Forget the shaitel, the snude – put on a Kafiya, then we’ll surely win those “animals”.

    Shmarya, get on the phone with Rabbi Belsky. It shouldn’t be too hard.

    Kafiya is gematriya anti-missilie (in mongolian).

  10. Paul Freedman

    Why don’t they blame it on Olmert and Halutz?

  11. Yochanan Lavie

    The katan hador Sternbuch is like that Baptist church that disrupts the funerals of US soldiers, because “God hates America for coddling Gays” (sic).

  12. PishPosh

    Yochanan you must mean that Fred Phelps fellow. Im sure one time they will be protesting when friends of the deceased will drive up, put some licks into them. Im suprised it aint happened yet.

  13. avrohom

    a chosson and kalloh has to get marry tonight in a bunker, a cheder was learning torah today in a bunker…all thanks to the “Gedolim” of scotty…what is scotty and his ilk do? looking for smut to badmouth schitah, make people eat treif chazer, circumcision and badomouth people who observe mitzvot…spend your time complaining about those who caused all the soldiers to die (including in the past two days 8 soldiers)…but all you could care about is your gedolim…they are koton shebiktanim…

  14. Brian K

    So its the failure to adequately hate. Its not even the actual acts of sodomy themselves but the failure to adequately support a particular campaign? I see.

  15. Lucky there are no strictly transvestite parades.

    Things would get really confusing.

    In any case we have something here that the orthodox and the Palestinians agree on. No gays. Perhaps this could be the basis of peace between the two peoples. It is the one thing that has never been tried before.

    I got a slogan for you:

    Two peoples. One dream.

    No gays.

    and a motto:

    We hate gays too!

    Peace for our time. Coming soon.

  16. avrohom


  17. El Chacham

    Hey! Yochanan Lavie!
    You insignificant nothing!
    Go read what Rav Shternbuch has written in his lifetime and then call him the katan hador.
    Or have one of the wise men of this blog read it to you.

  18. NoDemonstrations

    Shmarya, by posting this, you give the Eda Hacharedis far more validity than it really has for the bulk of charedim, even in Israel. Just because we eat Badatz and may appreciate the rav for his Torah does not mean that we accept everything he says.

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