Beit Yitzchak Journal

I need to obtain a copy of the Beit Yitzchak Journal, 5746. Does anyone know where I can buy (or borrow) one?



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7 responses to “Beit Yitzchak Journal

  1. Shmarya,

    why do you keep asking for books and articles that are widely avail in any Jewish library?
    It makes you look like an ignoramus.

  2. Anonymous

    They woun’t let him in the Jewish library. Hhe’s banned from every Jewish institution in his city. He’s in cherem for being such an upstanding individual.

  3. aryeh calvin

    thats assuming there is a jewish library worthy of the name and there isnt.

  4. nachos

    I beleive that Moshe Rubashkin has a copy. If you ask nice, I am sure that he will loan it to you. lol

  5. Schneur

    Did Butler take care of it ?
    I am on vacation this week. otherwise I would fax it.
    Biegeleisen 718-436-1165 sells the journal.

  6. Isa

    There isn’t a decent Jewish library in the Twin Cities. Back in circa 1990 I traveled to Jewish libraries in CHicago, St. Louis and San Francisco and even one in Winnipeg all courtesy of the company I was working for at the time in the course of regular business travel.

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