A Call To Action?

Chabad.org has put a special web page on the crisis in Israel, A Call To Action. It’s theme? What each person can do to help:

The Rebbe taught us the power of a mitzvah.

On the eve of the Six Day War in 1967, when the entire world predicted Israel’s demise, the Rebbe initiated the tefillin campaign, and assured us that great miracles are in store. He quoted the Divine promise that in the merit of the mitzvah of tefillin, “all the nations of the world will see that the name of G-d is called upon you, and they will fear you” (Deuteronomy 28:10).

In the summer of 1973, shortly before the surprise outbreak of the Yom Kippur war, the Rebbe asked that Jewish children gather to pray and say words of Torah at the Western Wall and other locations in Israel, in fulfillment of the verse, “Out of the mouths of young children You established the power… to neutralize the enemy” (Psalms 8:3).

In 1976, during the Entebbe hostage crisis, the Rebbe encouraged the fulfillment of the mitzvah of mezuzah and emphasized the protection it brings. As our Sages have said: “A human king sits inside his palace and his servants guard him from the outside. But you sleep on your beds, and G-d guards you (i.e. through the Mezuzah on your doorposts) from the outside.”

In 1982, during the Lebanon War, the Rebbe initiated a campaign to have every Jew acquire a letter in a Torah scroll to foster Jewish unity.

On numerous other occasions, when the people of Israel faced threats from their enemies, the Rebbe urged us to respond by increasing in Torah study, prayer and charity.

A mitzvah, a G-dly deed, has the power to reach deep into the core of our being–where we are all one, and the physical distance between us is of no consequence. At this core, a positive deed on our part will help bring salvation to a brother and sister in distress.

During past conflicts in the Land of Israel, and during times of danger for the Jewish people, the Rebbe made practical suggestions of mitzvot that would elicit G-d’s blessings and protection (see insert above).

Let us not underestimate the power of good! With a single good deed on our part, here and now, we can each contribute toward the victory and safety of our fellow Jews in Israel.

Take a minute to do one or more of the following. You can make a difference!

• Torah study (suggestion: our Daily Study page contains selections from the Torah)

• Say a prayer for the safety of Gilad ben Avivah Shalit, Eldad ben Tovah Regev, and Ehud ben Malka Goldwasser; for the soldiers of the IDF, and for all residents of the Holy Land (suggestion: Psalm 20 is traditionally said in times of distress)

• Charity and acts of kindness: Put a coin in a charity box, give a gift of money to a fellow in need or to a charitable cause, or extend a helping hand to someone who needs it.

• Tefillin: If you already put on tefillin every day, encourage a friend to do so. If you don’t yet, now is a good time to start! Click here to find out how to put this important mitzvah into practice or contact your local Chabad center for assistance.

• Mezuzah: If you don’t yet have a mezuzah get one now! If you already do have one, it may be time to have it checked to ensure that the words on the parchment have not faded.

You’ll note the list is long on spiritual things – learn a little extra, say more psalms, pray, check your tefillin, etc. – and very short on necessary physical things (i.e., tachlis) like ensuring the hundreds of thousands of displaced Israelis have food and shelter.

My friend in Sefat has left there and is now in Jerusalem. She tells me hundreds of remaining Sefat families are without money or food, and that local food shelves and soup kitchens – like Collel Chabad – are meeting only a very small portion of this need. Families with 10 children are lucky to get 2 TV dinners for all to share. There is no public transportation, no way for many of these people to get to a doctor, the food stores are for the most part closed, and the soup kitchens too far away to walk. This scenario is being repeated throughout the north.

Further south, cities like Jerusalem are being flooded with refugees, refugees that are for the most part being fed and housed by private individuals. But these private parties cannot feed dozens of refugees forever. They too are not wealthy and will soon not have the funds to continue. And no infrastructure is in place to deal with this situation.

If you know refugees or individuals hosting them, send them money. If not, tell any of the dozens of charities helping out (Collel Chabad, Meir Panim, etc.) that you will give money but hold them accountable. You will be checking up on their claims and, if the organization’s reach turns out to be far less that the organization’s PR, you will not give again. We cannot allow this relief effort to operate like a Brooklyn haredi school’s “hot lunch” program.

Calling your elected officials and expressing support for Israel’s defensive actions, especially stressing Hezboalla’s role in the bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut that killed hundreds of Marines, is very important. So are brief, well-thought out and well worded letters to newspapers and calls to talk radio and cable shows.

Buy Israeli products and encourage others to do so as well. The extra demand created will lead to new orders which should help the economy and keep the spirit of the country strong.

And, by all means, pray. Just make sure to take copious real-world action as well. And, if you need to choose between prayer and action, action comes first.



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21 responses to “A Call To Action?

  1. avrohom

    Dear koton scotty,

    what the heck are you hacking a tchaynick now? You pick and nitpick on anything to spread your hatred and division. People beleive in Hashem and Tefillo. You don’t. But for those who do it’s very valuable. Chaba.org is primarily outside of Israel therefore it is quite appropriate for it to emphasize prayer and good deeds on their behalf.

    What the heck are you hacking now about “accountibility”? At this time: you should look for the names of organizations and their telephone numbers and let others see to inform themselves if those organization do their job right. Or you could try to set yourself an organization and see to something positive instead of bickering. TRy to arrange and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE. Make phone calls and ask your friends in Israel a little south if they can host some for shabbos.

    I personally know a fellow in chutz laaretz who just gave 30,000$ for the purposes of food for residents in nahariya. You claim it is not sufficient, fine. But come with some practical tips and practical advice as opposed as being the german motzi shem roh on klal yisroel and on organizations at this s difficult juncture in jewish history.

    And most importantly, which is also appropriate for ACTION: call your radio stations, the newspapers and speak to pblic officials to speak good about israel. They are all the time protraying the sad picture of lebanon “civilians”. What about Israeli civilians? What about the fact that 250,000 have to spend their shabbosim and their summer days in bomb shelters? And why is the Lebanon army ready to resist Israel but not ready to resist Hezbollah? and on and on and on…It is time to gather all powers in a positive way….

    And together and at the same time: time to REPENT all those who have engaged in in expelling jews, in advertizing for it; in excoriating the settllers who protected the Jews inside ISrael (and therefore also it'[s army) should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES AND REPENT! The best way to being the repentance is by starting to expalin to people, media, elected officials etc etc how that was a tragic mistake by our “gedolim” and that we have tor ectify it and NEVER AGAIN FALL IN THE SAME TRAP!!

  2. What you mentioned about checking up to make sure the organisation is doing what they claim is why it’s so hard to know where to send funds. INN revealed this past year how a fund drive to aid Gaza refugees was totally bogus. One percent of the money went to the refugees.

    A friend of mine worked for an organisation in Brooklyn who pulled a similar stunt. People think the donations are going one place and they are sometimes going in someones pocket instead. Thankfully, she quit when she realised what was happening.

    The spiritual aspect is naturally important and it would be nice if your readers realised you’re not ruling out the spiritual. But trying to get the point across that sitting with a sefer Talmud in front of your face is not going to provide food, shelter, etc. for the refugees.

    Thanks for continuing to tell it like it is! Have a gut shabbos!

  3. avrohom

    you are sick and getting sicker.

    At this time when people need food and supplies you discourage people from giving altogether becuase you have a sickness to defame others Jews? If you would provide an organization or a person who you will show that he gives it to the right place is one thing. But you are not doing that…all that you are doing is badmouthing ALL organizations (that is exactly what you demented people are doing) and actually not prividing with something elese to do the job and in the meantime soemone else who would probably have the urge to give (because they are jewishpeople who have a heart for jewish freinds and for the animals…) will now hesitate because the disgusting scotty and his sick friends told them do not give to anyone!!!


  4. Anonymous

    I’m gonna donate my money to find Scotty a shiduch fund, I think if he finally gets his fat ass married he’ll calm down a bit and stop being such a negative jerk.

  5. Neo-Conservaguy

    “At this time when people need food and supplies you discourage people from giving altogether becuase you have a sickness to defame others Jews?”

    No, you moron, because giving to organizations that steal the donations doesn’t help the intended people. Don’t they teach you to understand these basic things at haredi schools these days, or do you instead learn to twist Torah to rationalize stealing?

  6. avrohom


    piece of sick pig that you are.

    How dare you accuse every single organization of stealing? How dare you enlightened pig who has no faculties to distinguish between right and left to just badmouth everyone “guilty until proven innocent”, you bastard pig that that you are?

    all you are trying to do at this time is simply to dissuade anyone from giving anything to anyone!

    If you would be a serious honest gay you would at least tell people at this time of great need: You know what, i know the best way in which to donate to the proper place to reach it’s proper destination. But not. You do not do it. You cannot do it. You are a piece of evil. You are unable to do good.

  7. Anonymous

    Scotty and Neo-Conservaguy should date eachother.

  8. Yochanan Lavie

    Neo: Ignore Avrohom and the haters. They add nothing to the conversation and cannot be reasoned with.

  9. Rabbi Neal Abraham Wendrow


    At this Supreme Hour there is hope for all of the distressed people of Eretz Yisrael, the Same Hope I trusted on nearly 30 years ago when, as a university student in South Africa, I trusted Yeshua, the Lord Jesus Christ, as my true Authentic Messiah. Jesus came onto the Jewish people as Adoni Mashiach. Today, in their hour of need, He is knocking at their door and offering His Blood, freely given up on the Etz on Har Calvary, as an atonement for their centuries of misguided belief. Today Jesus, the True Messiah of Klal Yisrael, offers to all who would call on Him Eternal Life. Today Jesus can unite the Heart of both Jew and Arab alike and bring Peace to the Middle East. Today you can receive this Amazing Jew, this Amazing Saviour, this Amazing God! Today trust the One of whom Rebbe Shaul wrote in Sefer Romanim “While We Were Yet Sinners, Died For Us ALL!”

    To find out how you can have the Peace that Only Comes from Trusting Yeshua, Call 1-888-Needhim and tell them Rabbi Neal sent you!

  10. Folks, I’m seriously thinking of applying for the Aug 6 session of Sar-El, Volunteers For Israel. Sar-El places volunteers on Israeli army bases and in hospitals doing logistical and other support work that will free up a soldier for more critical work.

    I figured that since I’m between day jobs this might be the best use of my time. The only problem is that the $700 I have saved isn’t going to be enough to cover airfare and other expenses, so if anyone wants me to be their shaliach you are more than welcome to help sponsor the trip.

    Comments, suggestions and offers of support can be sent to rokem@netzero.net.

    Ronnie Schreiber

  11. Yochanan Lavie

    “Rabbi” Wendrow: This is not a blog for people who believe in dead messiahs or false gods. Talk to the “Scotty” haters- they seem to like that sort of thing.

  12. avrohom





  13. avrohom

    if you want to do something positive call your radio and Tv shows and call them to task for being anti israel. Call the attention of other people and public official about it.

    NPR has just now in the morning given such a biased report against israel how terrible they are…they went to the hospital and presented the cry of a baby after they were hit in a car by israel and on and on ….these resohim like the erev rav of this blog go out of the way to malign israel..never mind that the lebanese harbored terrorists and had them as members in their government, never mind that tody 2 people were killed by katyuchas, never mind how many people were hurt…never mind that they try to be fair and go visit hte sick in the hospitals in israel…try to see how 100 thousands of people are bomb shelters when these bleeding heart liberal are here writing freely from their ivory tower…they will malignisrael tono end becauseisrael invaded lebanon…

    time to eradicatethe erev rav from themap and tell your friends about these enemies to our people to survival let our public elected officals know about their diabolic plans for us…


  14. Avrohom,

    Perhaps it is your slandering of Shmarya that is the cause of all this tzorus? Chazal warn us to not be so sure of ourselves.

    I’m curious though about your reaction to Shmarya’s post. He clearly says that prayer is efficacious (to those with a yeshiva education, that mean it works).

    And, by all means, pray. Just make sure to take copious real-world action as well. And, if you need to choose between prayer and action, action comes first.

    His preference for prayer over action is consistent with HaShem’s criticism of Moshe at the shore of the Yam for praying at a time of action.

    OTOH, Avrohom, you seem to be more concerned with having your letters to the editor published. Who cares about NPR being anti-Israel? That’s news?

    Shmarya suggested concrete actions that would help Jews in Israel, while all you do is attack a fellow Jew.

  15. Avrohom –

    This name-calling has to stop. You simply cannot insult every commenter you disagree with. I have banned you from commenting, but I’ll reinstate you if you send me an email and promise me (beli neder) that you’ll stop insulting these people. You can be a bit more harsh with me, but not with them. Okay?

  16. Avromie, I’m surprised that with your lack of maturity that your mommie always you to be on the internet. Or does she know you’re on it?

    Personally, if I were you’re mother, I’d make you stay off until you grow up.

  17. Franji

    “is long on spiritual things “?
    Hazak ubarukh on your initiative Shmarya!
    However, I do not see anything spiritual in Chabad position.
    Instead of assuring one accepts ‘ol malchut shamayim, i.e. the real Kingdom of Heaven, they came up with a king of their own, now deceased.
    Instead of assuring the acceptance of ‘ol torah umitzvot, they are engaged in the arithmetic of a mitzvalach here and another mitzvalach there.
    In other words, they are collecting brownie points.
    Oy latorah, as it is written , “your sons have made the Torah into a harp, being played by clowns”.
    As to nevuah (or past nevuot that emanated from brooklyn), we learned that it is no longer in existence and whatever is left of it, was left to the mouth of babes and fools!
    Go figure!
    Meanwhile accept ‘ol malkhut shamayim! and engage in ‘avodat hashem, instead of looking to promote a religion alien to Judaism which will serve the believer!

  18. It’s amazing that when you turn over an old log – how many little bugs appear.

  19. Franji

    צפת: נגמר הכסף וחסר מזון
    לתושבים שחוזרים לצפת אין מקום במקלטים, המצב הכלכלי מחמיר ואנשים מבקשים אוכל מהעירייה
    This from today’s Maariv.
    The Tzfatis should check their mezuzot to eat?
    Though I am not sure that accepting handouts from the minim is the answer.
    Those give, not leshem shamayim, but rather, as individuals, they give for self gratification, and as organisation, they gives to advertise themselves.
    Some of them sank so deep, that they publish the names and addresses of tzdaka recipients.

  20. Franji

    בעקבות פנייה של מנכ”ל ישיבות בני עקיבא אלחנן גלט לראשי הרשויות בצפון. היישובים כפר שמאי,כרם בן זמרה, דובב, דלתון ועוד, העתיקו את מגוריהם בשלמות מהצפון אל ישיבת בני עקיבא נתיב מאיר בירושלים, בכפר הרא”ה, בנחלים, אל אולפנת רעות בפתח תקווה, האולפנה באבן שמואל, הישיבה התיכונית נווה הרצוג באשדוד ועוד.
    mitzva lishmah, shelo al menat leqabbel sakhar!

  21. TODROS


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