Rabbi Herbert Bomzer: Mondrowitz Escaped To Israel, Drop The Case

Nathaniel Popper of the Forward has an article on the Mondrowitz man-on-boy sex abuse case. Note this brilliant statement from an Orthodox rabbi:

One member of [Brooklyn District Attorney Charles] Hynes’s Jewish council, Rabbi Herbert Bomzer, said he does not remember Mondrowitz’s extradition being discussed by the council. Bomzer did say that he knew Mondrowitz when the younger man was a counselor at Yeshiva University’s high school, and that Mondrowitz had been “loved” by the students.

When asked if he would now support extradition proceedings, Bomzer, president of the rabbinical board of Flatbush, said: “If he has managed to get to Israel and is protected by the law there — then leave it alone.”

What is Mondrowitz doing in Israel? Teaching young men.



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2 responses to “Rabbi Herbert Bomzer: Mondrowitz Escaped To Israel, Drop The Case

  1. Drew Zaire

    I believe his teaching days are over, and that he now works at Telrad.

  2. Franji

    not important where the animal works, yeshiva telrad or otherwise.
    in my humble opinion, “orthodox” rabbis who answer to “higher authority” and become a hindrance to upholding the law by not moysserim criminals, are themselves criminals, and as such should be barred from holding official government positions.
    shame on them, and their rabbis.
    they bring shame on judaism and orthodoxy.
    if we add this shunde to that of the idolaters minim, what is left of our religion?

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