Any God In A Foxhole? HonestReporting Goes North took a trip to Sefat to document conditions there. Among the people interviewed is my old friend Eli Greenspan (yup, the same guy who bought my share of the kosher meat market, which allowed me to live in Israel during 1993–95).

The second video on the linked page is taken in a bomb shelter. You can see the "Yechi" Chabad messianic banner hanging in the background. Any god in a foxhole, eh?



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2 responses to “Any God In A Foxhole? HonestReporting Goes North

  1. todros


    leae the guys alone. they are suffering…you are preaching…defaming…doing nothing…actually you besmirched the people whoprotect israel (the settlers)…you do not have the honesty and decency to say that all the people who falsely prophecized for the “new middle east” were false prophets dangerous people who brought calamity…go to radio tv and other jews haters blogs and plead with them to stop badothing israel and jews..DO SOMETHING instead to look to defame falsely frumme jews

  2. “Any god in a foxhole, eh?”

    LOL!!!! I remember living in CH and someone telling me said individual was G-d. Suddenly I thought I was standing among x-tians. LOL It took a good bit to recover and realised that no, these weren’t x-tians, they were just some very confused Jews. B”H not everyone there believes it.

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