Send A Hug To The IDF

You can send a personal message along with free chocolate to front line IDF soldiers, and it won’t cost you anything, courtesy of HAS and Strauss Elite.

[Hat tip: The Beadle.]



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3 responses to “Send A Hug To The IDF

  1. hashfanatic

    What? Those guys haven’t had enough Kool-Aid already?

  2. G-d is with you. Defend the land!

  3. Eden Shapiro

    hey you!
    i dont know by name who is reading this, but i know who you are and what you are doing, and i wanted to say how proud i am and how proud your family is and how proud your country is of what you are doing. even if you are just checking people’s bags as they walk into malls or into the super market, you are standing hours on end, with ruthless determination, protecting our people, and for that, you are a hero. keep up the good work you guys!
    you have my endless love and support, and the hope that i can soon join you in the fight.
    Eden Shapiro
    Irvine, CA USA

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