Another Way To Help Israelis

The Board of trustees of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in LA have put $300,000 into a matching fund to help Israeli victims of the war. This means that, if you donate, your donation will in effect be doubled.

The Center says it will give the funds to reputable Israeli nonprofits working with the refugees and victims. From an email sent today:

In this moment of crisis, as rockets continue to rain down on Israel, and she has suffered her worst civilian casualties since the beginning of the terrorist attacks, I will be leading an emergency five-day frontline mission to Israel this coming week.

Members of the Center’s Board of Trustees have contributed $300,000 to personally distribute to those in great need. We are asking you to click here to match that amount, dollar-for-dollar, through Monday, July 31st, for direct emergency aid that we will distribute on the ground in Israel.

We will be helping people who have been living for weeks, night and day, in shelters. We will visit hospitals, rehabilitation centers and summer camps. And, we will be dispersing the funds to reputable humanitarian and children’s charitable groups throughout the country.

We will also meet with government and local officials to show our solidarity and offer our support during this time of crisis

I therefore appeal to you to help us offer direct, financial assistance to the people of Israel who need it the most as they struggle to cope with this unprecendented crisis.

Thank you,

Rabbi Marvin Hier

Founder and Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center


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