Israel: How You Can Help Right Now

Edah has sent out a link to an Israel-based website that has what Edah calls the “most complete listing that we have seen” of worthy projects to support in various ways.

What is striking about this list are the many people hosting, feeding and clothing refugees from the north, and doing so without any help for the government. These kind people are running out of money (in some cases, they too are broke) and need help now.

There are more than 200,000 refugees from the north of Israel. Others have stayed in the north, unable or unwilling to leave. Almost all need our help now, and will need it for the foreseeable future.

Take a look at the list. Find a project or family you like and take it on.

In North America, United Jewish Communities has set up a fund to aid these refugees, and many other organizations are raising money to help them as well.

Find one you like and give today.



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3 responses to “Israel: How You Can Help Right Now

  1. avrohom

    Thank you. This is a good start where you can actually help yidden and let us hope that from now on yuor blog will be transformed for the good and positive as we expect these days to be transformed “leyomim tovim”.

    And let us hope that “Mitoch sheloy lishmoh boh lishmoh”.

    This is one part (the physical help to our brethern). For the other part: To let the world who are hateful to us and seek our destruction see my message to you on the other heading. WE need our brethern to find ways to neutralize our haters and to let them them andothers know of their hypochrisy.

  2. NoDemonstrations

    Please remove the comment from the yoshkenik. Thanks.

  3. Yochanan Lavie

    Tell “Rabbi Neal” that we won’t kneel to his false gods. I agree with “No Demonstrations.” Spam from yoshkeniks is not kosher.

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