Good News For The 9 Days

Ynet has a remarkable report on haredim who, while not fighting in the army, take this war very seriously:

“More than 50 years ago the ultra-orthodox community said ‘you fight and we’ll pray'”, said a staff member at the prime minister’s office this week, also a close aid of the former prime minister Ariel Sharon.

“It’s true that they were always criticized about this, but on the other hand, they really do stand by their part of the agreement. They don’t try to dodge the commitment they took upon themselves. Utra-orthodox worshippers pray because they truly believe that that’s what will help, and perhaps we need someone to do it.”

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef told his followers to cancel their traditional summer vacations (scheduled to begin next week) and to use the time to learn:

“We’re all experiencing these troubled times, what’s a vacation? We have to study the Torah. With the help of the Torah god will save us. We have to strengthen those who are endangering their lives,” said the rabbi.

Perhaps not as good as mass enlistment, but still a very welcome and much-needed effort.



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2 responses to “Good News For The 9 Days

  1. Anonymous

    Scotty, why don’t you volunteer in the IDF?

  2. duvidMeir

    A lot of good their learning and praying has done so far!

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