David Klinghoffer On Mel Gibson

Steven I. Weiss asks Discovery Institute fellow and Forward columnist David Klinghoffer about Mel Gibson’s antisemitic outburst:

Booze goes in, truth comes out. Yes, it does seem that Gibson has an anti-Semitism problem as of this past weekend. What we don’t and can’t know is whether, if he’d got drunk three years ago and been pulled over for DUI by Malibu cops, he’d also have delivered a disgusting anti-Semitic rant. Is it possible that he wasn’t an anti-Semite before making the Passion, but that the continual and deeply personal attacks on him from the ADL and the

rest of the Jewish establishment affected his feelings about Jews? Yes, I would say that’s possible …

Could Gibson have become antisemitic because of Abe Foxman and Rabbi Marvin Hier? Sure, in theory this is possible, but unprovable. And because it cannot be proved, it cannot be disproved. Gibson may be a johnny-come-lately to Jew-hatred, and one day a pig may fly. Until then, the words of Christopher Hitchens win the day:

[T]he difference between the blood-alcohol levels—and indeed the speed limits—that occasioned the booking are insufficient to explain the expletives…One does not abruptly decide, between the first and second vodka, or the ticks of the indicator of velocity, that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are valid after all.…

Gibson is a pig, and he has not left ground.

Like Michael Medved, Klinghoffer is a disciple of Rabbi Daniel Lapin.



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2 responses to “David Klinghoffer On Mel Gibson

  1. Klinghoffer seems to subscribe to the theory that it’s the Jews who cause anti-semitism….

  2. vice

    i just find it difficult to believe the any jew would jump to the roof and start making loud noises when he/she is criticised for unruly actions? the outcome of such criticisms is well known: everyone who voices a point against the jew, is discredited as anti-semite. now why is it that way? why can’t people criticise the jew for his/her misbehaviour and actrocities if it is discovered that the jew has committed a crime or behaved unruly? i think, this is due to the fact that jews dominate in areas such as media, finances and international policies to an extent that any opposition to their shortcomings is trumpeted as anti-semitism. such attitudes, i believe, would lead to the creation of opposition to anything that is jewish and this would not be in the interest of the jews, of course, unless they have another agenda – to dominate the world. I believe that the world was also make for me and not only the jews as many would like us to believe. if there is a god that created the world and then chosed a section of the people as his favourites, and sentences the other to rot in filth, then that must be a rotten god who has fun to see people suffer. such a god, is definitely not my god, and he/she didn’t create me.

    i think gibson has a right to say his mind, no matter what it is or which group of people disliked his view

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