Mel Gibson, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Michael Medved

Now that we know Mel Gibson is an antisemite, one must wonder what Michael Medved, the Rabbi Daniel Lapin acolyte and Salem Radio talk show host (and, therefore, columnist), will do with Gibson’s Jew problem. Lapin has been a shill for the Christian right for years, as has Medved. Medved was a big supporter of Gibson’s during the controversy over the Passion, as was Lapin. Will Medved handle this honestly? Will Lapin? Or will they find a way to shill for Gibson?

The smart money is on an effluence of snake oil.

UPDATE: I wrote four months ago:

Several years ago, WorldVision launched a campaign to aid those hurt by suicide bombing and terrorist attacks in Israel. The radio commercial had bombs exploding, sirens wailing. Where was the money going? To the West Bank and Gaza, and only to Arabs. I asked WorldVision why. A spokesperson responded by saying (I paraphrase) that WorldVision helps the most at need. Jews can take care of themselves. The Arabs cannot. I asked about the morality of using terror attacks against Jews to raise money for Arabs. Terror hurts both sides, was the response.

The Salem Radio Network had a joint campaign with WorldVision to fund this very project. Ads for it ran during both the Dennis Prager and Michael Medved shows. In effect, both shows raised money for the extended families of suicide bombers. I contacted both hosts and explained the problem. Both wanted details that involved many hours of research. I did that research (without pay) and sent the information to Prager and Medved. Prager banned all ads for that WorldVision campaign from running during his show. But what did Medved, whose rabbi-guru is Lapin, do? He increased the ads and began endorsing that very WorldVision project.



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7 responses to “Mel Gibson, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Michael Medved

  1. I don’t see how anyone could have doubted from the start that he was an anti-semite.

  2. Franji

    the undersigned has nothing to do with the christian right.
    we have nothing to do with their beliefs.
    i find “rabbis” who align themselves with them, worse yet, accepting charity from them to be reprehensible.
    nevertheless, i do not think it is our business to tell the gibsons of the world how to read/interpret their “avon gilayon”.
    in the same way we do not accept strangers telling us what to gather from the daf yomi!?

  3. Yochanan Lavie

    Gibson belongs to a fringe element in the Catholic church, not the evangelical protestants who usually support Israel. As for shills, while MEdved, Lapin et al can be seen with justification as shills for the far right, Rabbi Yoffe, Michael Lerner and others are shills for the left. The left are not friends, either. They would like to see the Israelis return to such wonderful countries as Poland, Russia, and Ethiopia. And of course, a PLO/Hamaz/Hizbullah Palestinian state would be a stauch supporter of Gay rights, feminism, and due process, among other things.

    Maybe we should colonize the newly found continent Xanadu on one of the moons of Saturn. It is an Austrailia -like entity surrounded by a sea of liquid methane. There, serenely in space, surrounded by a sea of frozen farts, the world might finally leave us the f**k alone.

    On second thought, the Microbe Liberation Army might complain to the UN about Zionist Off-world imperialism.

  4. I’ll take “Shill” for $200, Alex…

  5. Franji

    Wether renegade catholic, or left or right protestant, it’s the same thing.
    Their scriptures are neither ambiguous nor ambivalent.
    They are very clear on our subject.
    They don’t like us. For us to expect them to think otherwise, is a tad unrealistic and is akin to us to have to rewrite the Shulhan Arukh.
    Apart from that, we are not expected to reform them, as long as they follow the 7 Noahide commendments.
    Otherwise, all we can do, is bless the likes of Gibson 3 times a day with Birkat Haminim, and concentrate on our own betterment.
    Wouldn’t you say R’ Yochanan ?!

  6. Yochanan Lavie

    Well said, Reb Franji. But I would disagree with you that their scriptures are 100% anti-Semitic. There is stuff in it that’s not, plus they also have our scriptures (albeit they misinterpret them). Therefore, many Christians are philo-Semitic, and in fact believe we are still God’s chosen people. (But not Mad Mel, apparently). It’s all a matter of intrepretation.

    “Next shuttle for Xanadu on the moon Titan launches in t -15 minutes… “

  7. Franji

    Therefore, many Christians are philo-Semitic,
    r’ yochanan !
    🙂 like I am cheesecako-phile.
    we are their choice raw material for conversion at best; as such they like to rub us the right way, who knows? may be one day they lead us to see things their way has veshalom.
    otherwise they have to keep us alive and gather us in zion, so when their redemption comes, we could roast in armageddon.
    like hansel and gretel, they will like to fatten us prior to roasting.
    as our sages said:
    lo miduvshekh, velo me’uktzekh !

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