ABC Drops Gibson Holocaust Miniseries; Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, et al, Object, Urge Cooperation With Gibson

Mel Gibson’s miniseries on the Holocaust has been dropped by ABC. Dennis Prager and others in the right wing Jewish community object to this, arguing Gibson’s actions, “not what may be in his heart,” are what is important, and that this Holocaust miniseries would undoubtedly be helpful to Jews, arguing we should accept the end (the miniseries) and forget about the means (Gibson) it will come from. In other words, they are arguing the end justifies the means.

But what about this miniseries? It was sold to ABC – and strongly hyped by Gibson supporters – during the heart of the controversy over Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. Here is what ABC says about that miniseries today:

“Given that it has been nearly two years and we have yet to see the first draft of a script, we have decided to no longer pursue this project [Gibson’s Holocaust miniseries],” ABC said in a one-sentence statement issued Monday.

In two years Gibson has not delivered. Perhaps he never intended to deliver. The good PR he got from announcing the deal may have been all he was looking for. Perhaps Dennis Prager, et al, should think about that.

Former Sienfeld actor Jason Alexander called Prager today to defend Gibson, saying Gibson is a decent guy and calling his antisemitic rant “mild.” He also urged Jews to work with Gibson on his Jewish problem.


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