LA Rabbi Invites Mel Gibson To Speak On Yom Kippur

According to, a prominent LA rabbi has invited Mel Gibson to speak at his synagogue – on Yom Kippur. The rabbi could not be reached for comment because he is on vacation – in Spain. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

The rabbis letter to Gibson is posted here.


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One response to “LA Rabbi Invites Mel Gibson To Speak On Yom Kippur

  1. Ted Kravitz

    David Barron-another week, wimpy west coast Jew. He cant fix his lips to request that the L.A. sheriff-Lee Baca and the Los Angeles D.A. be investigated for editing and rewording statements that Mel Gibson had made about Jews in order to protect Mel Gibson’s “image”-I emailed L.A. SHeriff Lee Baca-when Harvey Levine (attorney/talk show host) uncovered that the cops covered up this little Mel Gibson confession incident-I informed Mr.Lee Baca that my tax money (I am a resident of the state) does not go for him to act as Mel’s buttplug or P/R person! People like Mel is the reason why so many non-Jews in America are going in Jewish daycare centers and killing women and children. Jews, like Rabbi David Barron-are the reason why Jews are always getting screwed and why a Jew is looked upon as a wimp. Jews bury their heads in the sand which is why anti-semetism is now a constant thing in every day life. Hollywood-used to be a means jor a Jew to make money to feed his family when the government had laws saying Jews couldnt get bank loans, couldnt be hired for positions at U.S. Corporations, couldnt belong to any social clubs-is now the most anti-semetic place for a Jew. You have people that run Hollywood who hate Jewish people. Hollywood is only about 25% Jewish and about 75%non-Jewish-mostly so called Christians sit in the talent agency, studios, casting, talent and right now-Mel is displaying what Jews who have gotten comfortable sitting in thier homes on the beach with their spoiled brat kids-have let happen. Rabbi David Barron is acting just like a current day Jew-lay down roll over-dont say anything and ask him to make an appology-at his Synagogue of the Arts!! Laughable!! Mel will just use his acting skills to learn a monolouge, get pointers from his P/R people and a room full of stupid Jews will listen, cry and applaude Mel Gibson. Then he will go to Malibu-to that Catholic church he built and say Jews are the anti-Christ! If I see David Barron-I’ll tell him to grow some dam balls-stop being afraid to call a spade a spade-Gibson is one anti-semetic, Jew hating, paranoid, Jews ruined the world-thinking mother fuca!!!! The sooner Jews realize this the safer the world will be for our children.

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