Michael Medved’s Bizarre Support For Mel Gibson

Michael Medved is urging cooperation with Gibson, arguing it is in Jewish interest to get Gibson to “hide his antisemitism as he has successfully done for most of his career,” and that it is not in our interest “to turn” Gibson into an “implacable enemy.” [In a discussion with a caller at 2:38 CDT today.] In other words, because Gibson may hurt us later, it is to our advantage to grant him a fig leaf of respectability now.

Medved also argues (more successfully, in my view) Gibson’s outburst was part of an attempt by Gibson to self destruct, a cry for help, perhaps, for his alcoholism.

He then argued Gibson has never during his entire career been outed for saying anything antisemitic. Of course, many will argue Gibson’s choices between conflicting Gospel stories, and his exclusion of those stories that do not blame Jews for the crucifixion, is in itself antisemitic, and that antisemitism is much more widespread and long-lasting than any individual remark Gibson may or may not have made.

Medved’s column on this is posted on his TownHall.com blog.



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13 responses to “Michael Medved’s Bizarre Support For Mel Gibson

  1. Anonymous

    Scotty, is Mel Gibson the new Rubashkin?

  2. Ma. Rabbi

    With all thats happening in Lebanon, I cant believe your posting all this stuff on Gibson. Who cares what a drunken anti-semitic goy said. Its totally irrelevant.

  3. rebeljew

    When Passion came out, I did not object to Gibson, nor did I think that he made the movie from antisemitism. His father was the one who had made troubling comments not him. I felt he had as much right to make that movie in his own religious view as we would to make a movie about Chanuka, vilifying the Greeks, for instance. The art is representing a thought, not always a nice thought.

    In the current case however, I can see that the man is a deeply affected antisemite. This may or may not have been his purpose in making the Passion movie, but that is irrelevant. It was fine for him to make the movie, that did not show him to be a Jew hater. This incident does so however, and I will no longer support any Mel Gibson enterprise. He was given the benefit of the doubt, but he has now revealed no doubt to benefit from.

  4. PishPosh

    Mad Max is truly Mad. :O

  5. PishPosh

    Hmmm let see now, a choice between chastising an openly antisemitic film artist as many of Hollywoods Jews and non Jews have done, or tremble and cover it up?

    Gee Mel sure enough scares me with his Jehovah given powers. hehehe.

  6. Isa


    Scotty, is Mel Gibson the new Rubashkin?

    Yep, they both write out checks don’t they???

  7. C-Girl

    My favorite part of this whole thing is Jason Alexander rushing to Mel’s defense. Because this whole sordid affair sounds like it would make a great twisted episode of Seinfeld.

  8. Rabbi Neal Abraham Wendrow

    Mel Gibson is my fellow brother in Christ. As a Messianic Rabbi, I will pray for him during this difficult time in his life. May the Peace of Yeshua be upon brother Mel and may all of you, blinded in unbelief by the perfidious Pharisee Rabbis, come to know Yeshua as we proud Yoshekeniks do!

    May you trimumph over the churban of Sin this Tisha B’Av by receiving Jesus into your heart!

    With Jesus’ Blessings,

    Rabbi Neal

  9. Neo-Conservaguy

    Mel also needs to do tshuva for the bizarre mishmash of Aramaic concocted for the film. The language consultant for the production, who was a student of a local renowned expert in such studies, is said to have disavowed the result to his teacher…

  10. Anonymous

    “blinded in unbelief by the perfidious Pharisee Rabbis”

    You can’t make this stuff up… Thanks Rabbi N. I’ll be giggling all night.

  11. Gerard

    I didn’t see any anti-semitism in Mel Gibson’s comments.

    People are automatically assuming that “Jews” is used by Gibson as an “ethnic term” when the context indicated an anti-Israeli political stance. Much like an anti-China or Russia (just fill in the blank).

    This is an “Alphonse and Gaston” tactic used by those that have been hunting Gibson for years because he’s a devout Catholic.

    If Gibson had said, “The British” nobody would have batted an eye. (And a strong argument could be made for the British causing all the wars in the world at one time.)

    Gibson has been hunted by Catholic-hating liberals hiding in minority groups for virtually every high profile film he’s made in the last ten years.

    It was the homosexuals lobbying against him for “Braveheart”, It was the liberal black self-appointed leadership that hounded him for “The Patriot” because he played a character who was a slaveowner in 1776.

    And it was the duplicitous and bigoted politically liberal and spiritually bankrupt
    mouthpieces like Abe Foxman (the theif) ,Marvin Heir (the liar) and Schmuley Boteach (the calumniator) who hounded Gibson relentlessly for making a movie about God.

    Another thing to ponder is whether the cop was baiting and needling Gibson which provoked his question and outrage. His statement is too detached from context. Most drunks ramble on. We’re just hearing about a few selected comments from the event. I’m sure there is a cover up on this but it’s not to protect Gibson. How did Harvey Levin get the “missing” police report pages? Who leaked that information?

    Unfortunately the Abe Foxman’s and the Marvin Heir’s are lumped in the same class (ie. the Jews) as many noble and innocent people who are Jewish(eg.Daniel Lapin).

    It’s very similar to the Hezbollah terrorists who hide among the citizens in Lebanon. It’s just a non-violent yet spiritually destructive tactic that paints innocent Jews in a bad light.

    Until the Jewish community like the Muslims takes out their own garbage instead of adopting the ancient tribal modality of protecting “their own” over the higher responsibility to truth and justice they can expect to be taken advantage of by the Abe Foxman’s that pretend to be interested in protecting Jews but in reality they are pushing a political agenda and using good people and an ancient cultural heritage for a camouflage.

  12. jaco halfon

    Dear Brother Mel,

    As a Jew, I felt offended by your anti-Semitic drunken rant, but my heart is compelling me to forgive you.

    In fact, thinking about it, I acknowledge that you may be telling the truth when you believe that you are not an anti-Semite bigot. Many of our Christian friends are suffering from the same dichotomy: when they are conscious about what they say, they feel no hatred of Jews but at times, their deep, atavist anti-Semitism comes back to the surface and they say things that they do not consciously think theirs and which they might regret later.

    The reason for your “condition” is that you have been fed this anti-Semitism since you were born and not only by your avowed anti-Semite/negationist father, but also by your parochial school teachers and even worse, through all the Christian dogma that you have ingurgitated unknowingly during your life. This is the root of the most vicious anti-Semitism on earth which have produced the Torquemada, Chmilniecki, Hitler, Staline and many more oppressors of the Jews for the last 2000 years which have claimed more than 20 million Jewish victims in the Christian world. You are an unconscious anti-Semite like most anti-Semites and you need help.

    Now, Brother Mel, you should not forget the central tenet of the Christian faith which is LOVE. May I say that in this regard, by carrying unwittingly this hate in your heart, you have failed but there is room for salvation.

    So if you are serious about amending yourself, like a husband who hits his wife without knowing why, you should seek professional therapeutic help.

    And if you really wanted to help correct this horrible prejudice and bring love and healing, you should share your experience with other Christians, open a debate on this huge pink elephant hovering in your midst and provoke a collective psychotherapy of the anti-Semitic Christian mind.


  13. Marissa Williams

    I find it interesting that no one was outraged when Gibson’s own faith was attacked with the release of The Passion of The Christ. Not only were there numerous individuals who made Anti-Christian and Anti-Catholic remarks with its release, there were also threats posed against Gibson’s own family. It is sad to see how so many ignore all the facets of prejudice.

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