Wiesenthal Center Makes Good On Pledge To Deliver Aid

The Wiesenthal Center made good on a pledge made four days ago and sent Rabbi Marvin Hier to Israel to distribute almost $600,000 in aid. Hier has gone from town to town across the north, viewing damage and writing checks:

On Tuesday, the delegation viewed Katyusha damage in Safed, spoke to community members, and delivered a check to the Dekel nonprofit organization, which coordinates activities for 700 elderly people. Hier and his team also made a donation to the local community center’s day care program and wrote a $36,000 check to Safed’s Ziv Hospital to repair damage from a July 17 Katyusha rocket attack.

Hier said that rather than deciding beforehand where the money would go, the Wiesenthal representatives were distributing funds to organizations based on what they saw and heard in the field.

The quickness of this response is almost unheard of in Jewish communal circles. To raise the money, get to Israel and personally distribute the funds, all with in a few days is a very impressive response – one that helps real, suffering Israelis on the ground right now, when they need it. Kol HaKavod!


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One response to “Wiesenthal Center Makes Good On Pledge To Deliver Aid

  1. PishPosh

    Maybe somebody there is secretly reading this blog and, unable to argue the many points you have made regarding quick decisive action decided to do it.

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