I received the following email from Michael Lesher, the attorney who has been pushing the Mondrowitz case. It is posted with his permision:



My name is Michael Lesher. I’m the lawyer and writer who has been campaigning to revive the case against Avrohom Mondrowitz. Victims newly coming forward to me have enabled me to generate strong recent press on the story (New York Post, July 25; Village Voice, July 25; the front page of Forward, July 28). I am working hard to bring more media and political attention to this unpardonably stalled case. You can read about my work on my web site, and can contact me through the site or by email.

Just a little background: I’m a published author (book and articles) and journalist as well as an attorney. For the last eight years, I’ve made the Mondrowitz case one of my obsessions; I spent over two years fighting FOIA battles to get government documents that proved the Brooklyn D.A. had quietly allowed the case to wither, I’ve tried to get to the bottom of Mondrowitz’s claims to have rabbinic support, I’ve even corresponded briefly with him. But most important, I am now trying to gather victims of Mondrowitz who will help to build a public outcry to ignite this case.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from any victim of Mondrowitz who is interested in 1) making a statement to the D.A.’s office (the office will keep your identity secret if you wish; 2) speaking to reporters (again, your identity can be protected to the extent you choose); or 3) pointing me toward other victims who are willing to share their stories along the above lines. Anyone (victim or not) with knowledge of Mondrowitz’s yeshiva, Bais Shalom, would also be most welcome. Finally, I would like to hear from anyone who has approached either D.A. officials or rabbonim about this case, and what happened. Again, I can be reached through my web site,, or by email. No general comments by email, please.

Michael Lesher, Esq.



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  1. NoDemonstrations

    It is way too late to go after Mondrowitz by legal means. I am surprised he has not been handled by the mishmeres hatznius.

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